First breakwater rocks put in place at Ocean Reef Marina

The first of the massive rocks that will create the new breakwaters at Ocean Reef Marina have today been lowered into place, marking a significant milestone in the construction of this world-class coastal destination.

Approximately 650,000 tonnes of limestone rock ranging from 0.5 to three tonnes each - and 300,000 tonnes of granite rock ranging from one to 10 tonnes each will eventually be laid in the water.

Construction will be carried out by two Western Australian businesses - WA Limestone and Italia Stone Group and is slated for completion between mid to late 2022.

Ultimately, the construction of the marina will create 8,600 construction jobs, with 56 of those responsible for the creation of the breakwaters.

During construction, a monitored 50-metre exclusion zone will be in place around the breakwaters to ensure the safety of the local boating community.

The two-kilometre-long breakwaters, each rising up to 18.5 metres from the ocean floor, will protect boats and users within the marina. The breakwaters will have a limestone core and be surrounded by granite to provide protection from the elements.

The limestone will be sourced from DevelopmentWA's Neerabup quarry, while the granite will predominately be sourced from WA company WA Bluemetal's Byford Quarry. Some granite and limestone from the existing breakwaters will also be reused.

Ocean Reef Marina is a State Government project being delivered by DevelopmentWA, in collaboration with the City of Joondalup.

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