METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme sets vision for vibrant station precincts

A key milestone developing new station precincts at Bayswater, High Wycombe and Midland has been reached, with the adoption of the METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme.

The scheme provides guidance on future development around the new Bayswater and High Wycombe stations, as well as the relocated Midland Station.

It provides a framework for the preferred land uses for these precincts, ensuring new developments - including residential, commercial, retail, community and entertainment uses - are compatible and meet the needs of each area.

A draft scheme was previously released with feedback invited from the community and stakeholders. Following this input, the final scheme has now been gazetted and will create a vibrant mix of precincts, including a range of housing options close to public transport, workplaces and community facilities.

The gazettal of the redevelopment scheme also transfers planning authority for the Bayswater and High Wycombe project areas to DevelopmentWA.

Work is underway on the detailed planning for Bayswater and High Wycombe project areas, with the draft Bayswater Design Guidelines to be released soon for public consultation.

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