New land available in job-creating industrial estate in Forrestdale

Crossroads Industrial estate in Forrestdale is set to expand following today's release of new lots due to strong demand for industrial land in the south-eastern corridor.

The 12 new lots, available by presale, are sized from 2,167sqm to 6,526sqm and will appeal to showroom, office, workshop and other business types looking to benefit from access to major transport routes and access to the soon to be realigned Anstey Road.

Buyers looking for even larger lots have the opportunity to customise and amalgamate lots up to 1.1ha in size. All lots will be fully serviced with power, water, sewer and broadband network access connections.

Works will soon commence to deliver 6ha of industrial land and complete the connection of Allen Road from Ranford Road through to the soon-to-be realigned Anstey Road.

Together these works will deliver around 100 construction jobs and once fully operational, businesses operating on the land are expected to create 185 further local ongoing jobs.

The Anstey Road realignment to Ranford Road is part of the infrastructure works being delivered following the $27 million seed funding committed by the State Government to unlock Forrestdale Business Park West for industrial expansion and job creation.

Delivered by DevelopmentWA's Industrial Lands Authority (ILA), the funding will create a new pump station, power and water upgrades, critical land acquisitions for wider road reserves, new intersections at Keane and Allen Roads, Ranford and Anstey Roads and Keane and Armadale Roads, as well as upgrades to Allen and Keane Roads to accommodate heavy vehicles.

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