Smoking ceremony marks commencement of work at Orion Industrial Park

On 30 September 2021, Whadjuk Traditional Owner and Senior member of the Jacobs family, Steven Jacobs, gave the Welcome to Whadjuk Noongar boodja and led team members from DevelopmentWA, BMD Constructions and Cossill & Webley in a traditional smoking ceremony to celebrate the commencement of works at Orion Industrial Park.

Holding up a sharp piece of quartz, Jacobs explained the significance of the crystalline mineral found throughout the former limestone quarry; thousands of years ago this extremely robust rock was employed by Aboriginal people as a precious cutting and fire-making tool and therefore, often used as a gift to tribes wishing to pass through country. Fittingly, the Noongar word 'boya' is used to describe both white quartz and money.

Jacobs spoke of the cleansing properties of the smouldering gum leaves and invited everyone to walk through the smoke to ward off warra wirrin (bad spirits) and invite quop wirrin (good spirits) to watch over the site.

Earthworks are well underway at the Latitude 32 site with BMD Constructions Area Manager, Jason Brodie quantifying the significant scale of the project,

‘We are currently placing and compacting 8000M³ of earth daily. That’s 40,000M³ a week and at least 160,000M³ a month.’

The Orion Industrial Park development will activate the north-western entry into Latitude 32 and combined with the Flinders Precinct will ensure an ongoing supply of industrial opportunities in Perth's premier industrial corridor. Once complete, the 95ha Orion Industrial Park will be home to up to 100 businesses, with lots ranging from 3,300sqm to 3.5 hectares, supplying 66ha of net saleable area to the industrial market.