Innovation Through Demonstration

We believe in leading by doing.

Our Innovation through Demonstration projects champion sustainable land and infrastructure development practices and cutting-edge technologies.

Green, sustainable, smart communities

We are leading the way by developing Australia's first 6-Star Green Star community at Alkimos Beach, delivering Western Australia's first One Planet Living residential project at White Gum Valley, advancing energy efficient technologies through the Cool Earth Demonstration Project and meeting the challenges of building homes which respond to our regional climates.

We understand Western Australia's unique environment and the pressures that are placed on our natural resources as our population continues to grow. The challenge is to create new, smarter ways to live, to save water and energy and reduce the pressure on our natural environment.

For developers, this means creating sustainable communities that balance resource efficient design and quality of life for residents. By investing in and demonstrating new technologies, we take on the potential risks of these technologies so industry can confidently implement sustainable practices.

We are proud to push the boundaries of change as we help build a more sustainable tomorrow for all Western Australians to share.