We are well positioned to deliver on the State Government’s strategic priorities. We’re focused on shaping our State’s future by developing vibrant and sustainable communities, unlocking land for prosperous industry and supporting economic development and job creation for resilient regions. We are also committed to building a highly capable, innovative organisation – through ensuring solid commercial and financial disciplines, an excellent workforce, robust systems and strong stakeholder and community support.

We have an important role providing land, infrastructure, facilities and services for the social, economic and environmental needs of the State. Our comprehensive development portfolio ensures Western Australia is firmly positioned for growth as we create the best places for people to live, work, visit and do business. Our role is unique in that we operate State-wide, create large and small developments, as well as precinct scale urban renewal, and major destination projects.

We seek to balance environmental, social and economic outcomes for the benefit of all Western Australians. While seeking this balance, we act commercially and provide a return to Government for reinvestment.

Our commitment to delivering sustainable communities, prosperous industry and resilient regions underpins our development approach as we recognise our activities have a direct impact on social, economic, and environmental development outcomes. These outcomes are summarised in our Sustainable Development Outcomes Framework, a framework that is applicable across our operations. The most significant and important social, economic and environmental issues to work towards and monitor performance against are outlined under each of the sustainable development outcomes.

To ensure projects meet an acceptable level of sustainability performance, DevelopmentWA has adopted Minimum Sustainability Standards for water, waste, energy and biodiversity outcomes. The intent for these minimum standards are that they are ‘common sense’ and reinforce practices adopted across the organisation. DevelopmentWA will review these standards periodically to ensure they set an adequate minimum standard and support continuous improvement in sustainability outcomes.

Making and Managing Places
Our approach to place making and management ensures our assets, including properties and public realm under our management, achieve the redevelopment area objectives. This process may include the delivery of Place Plans, Commercial, Public Art, and Place Activation strategies, leasing and activation.

We aim to build a Sense of Place by supporting high quality urban design, heritage protection, public art and cultural activities that respond to Perth’s environment, climate and lifestyle.

Sustainability Reports