In accordance with Clause 7.7 of Armadale Redevelopment Scheme 2, notice is given that the Forrestdale Business Park West Precinct Development Contribution Plan (DCP) has been adopted subject to the following amendments, which have been made to the DCP report:
• that the DCP funds the cost for the upgrade of Keane Road less the contribution from the adjacent Anstey Keane Urban Precinct for a standard Residential Access Street C in accordance with Liveable Neighbourhoods; and
• updating section 4.2.9 Waste Water to include costs for the provision of 1,483m2 of land and the over and above cost associated with installation a DB300 gravity main agreed at $29,246 of $87,736.

The DCP provides a framework for the collection of development contributions from landowners who benefit from the timely and holistic provision of infrastructure and services required to facilitate development in accordance with the approved Forrestdale Business Park (West) Structure Plan.

For further information please contact Robert Hall, Senior Planner on 9482 7829.