Obtaining development approval

Development Approval is a legal document that provides permission for specified use or development to occur on a particular piece of land. It is obtained by submitting a development application by following this process:


Design phase

This is where it begins. Applicants work on a concept for their development.

  • What you need to do: Depending on the size and scale of the project, you may be required to liaise with architects, artists, town planners or other service providers prior to lodging a development application.
  • Our role: We are not involved in this process but may be able to provide advice and assistance if required.

Development Application

1. Pre-lodgement meeting

While not compulsory, pre-lodgement meetings are recommended if you need assistance understanding the Development Application process requirements or are proposing a large-scale development.

  • What you need to do: Contact our planning team; we may be able to answer your questions over the phone or will organise a meeting if required.
  • Our role: To listen and assist when required. 

2. Lodge Development Application

  • What you need to do:
  1. Gather all of the required documents outlined in the Development Application Checklist. This typically includes:
    • Completed Form 1 (Application to Undertake Development) or Form 3 (Application to Amend a Development Approval)
    • Certificate of Title
    • Cover letter
    • Three hard copies and a two soft copies (digital on USBs) of all relevant plans
    • Technical report may also be required
  2. Submit your application
    • By post to: Locked Bag 5, Perth Business Centre WA 6849
    • By hand to: Level 2, 40 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000
  3. Pay the required application fee.
    • Application fees vary between developments; use our Fee Schedule to estimate the amount payable.
    • We accept cheques and EFTs upon request. Payment is required at the time of (or prior to) lodgement.
  • Our role: To assist with any enquiries you may have, facilitate the lodgement and evaluate the application to ensure it is ready for assessment. We will contact you if additional information is required.

3. Application assessment

  • Our role: We will assess your proposal against the relevant planning framework for the area in which you wish to develop.
  • What you need to do: Nothing unless changes or more information is required.
    1. If changes are required: We will contact you to discuss.
    2. If Public Comment is required: We may decide your development requires public consultation if it proposes a significant variation to the planning framework or will impact nearby property owners, stakeholders or the general public. If so, we will seek Public Comment on the Development Application for a 21-day period. If advertising is required, you will be responsible for the advertising costs (in accordance with Regulation 31 of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Regulations 2011).
    3. If referral is required: All Development Applications in our project areas will be referred to the local government authority - unless it is within our Armadale redevelopment area, in which case it will be at our discretion. We may also refer your application to other relevant agencies or review panels. There is a 42-day period allocated to this process.

4. Application decision

  • Our role: Our Statutory Planning team will provide you with Form 2 or Form 4, depending on the outcome of your application.
  • What you need to do: This depends on the outcome of our assessment:
    1. If your application is approved: 
    2. If your application is approved, but requires working drawings:
    3. If your application is refused or you are not happy with the conditions: Should you not be satisfied with the conditions associated with your development approval, you may apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review (in accordance with Section 69 of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Act 2011). The State Administrative Tribunal is located at Level 4, 12 St George’s Terrace, Perth WA 6000 and its telephone number is (08) 9219 3111 or 1300 306 017.

How long does it take? This depends on the cost and type of development. If additional time is required to determine the application, an extension of the determination period will be requested.
i. New developments: 

1. 90 days for standard developments less than $7m 
2. 120 days for major developments more than $7m

ii. Amended developments: 90 days

Working drawings

1. Lodge working drawings

  • Our role: We will outline the information required to obtain working drawings clearance in Form 2 or Form 4 provided to you. We will liaise with you during this process should you require any clarification.
  • What you need to do: Obtain and submit the requested information. This may include amended drawings, material or colour schedules, acoustic reports, construction management plans, venue management plans, lighting diagrams, energy rating certificates or landscaping plans.

2. Working drawings assessment

  • Our role: We will assess your drawings against the relevant planning framework for the area in which you wish to develop and conditions listed on the form.
  • What you need to do: Nothing unless changes are required.
  1. If changes are required: We will contact you to discuss. 
  2. If referral is required: We may refer your application to other agencies if stipulated in the forms previously issued to you.

 3. Working drawings decision

  • What you need to do: This depends on the outcome of our assessment:
  1. If your application is approved: You will be issued with a working drawings clearance letter and can apply for a Building Licence through your local government authority.
  2. If your application is not approved: We will advise which changes are required. 

Your local government authority

Please contact your local government authority for information or queries related to any of the following:

  • Building Licences
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Alfresco Permits
  • Rates
  • Rubbish collection