You are welcome to speak briefly at the start of a Land Redevelopment Committee (LRC) meeting if you submitted a public comment during the consultation period for a development application. 

Our team will contact all submitters a minimum of five days prior to an LRC meeting with specific details of how to register.

Some things to be aware of:

  • Registrations are required no later than 5pm on Tuesday prior to the meeting. 
  • Each speaker is limited to five minutes.
  • You may address the subject development application, but not other non-planning related matters.
  • Meetings will take place in a CBD location which will be confirmed prior. There may be occasions where alternative locations are required. 
  • LRC meetings generally take place during standard business hours.
  • Allow up to an hour of your time for an LRC meeting. We do our best to make sure they run on time, however this cannot be guaranteed. 
  • You can only attend if registered to speak at the meeting. 
  • Committee deliberations are not public discussions.
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