Ocean Reef Marina

Discussion around the Ocean Reef Marina project has generated plenty of comments, stories and a few misconceptions. 

We've pulled together a series of REEL FACTS, addressing a few of the comments we've heard and the reality. 

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What we've heard...

"The marina has become a residential development"

Residential development has always been a key component of the proposed marina. The amount of land allocated for homes has not changed significantly from the previous plan. The plan originally presented to the community by the City of Joondalup in 2009 included over 900 dwellings. Today’s plan includes around 1,000 dwellings.

What has changed is the location of the residential areas.

By separating the different uses of the site into residential, retail/commercial and marine ‘precincts’, we can make sure each area has what it needs, while avoiding potential conflicts such as noise or traffic.

By having people living at the marina, it helps to activate the public areas seven days a week, creates a safer environment through passive surveillance, and provides more potential customers to support local businesses.

In addition to the residential component, the marina will also include:

  • 12,000sqm of retail/commercial space;
  • eight boat ramps;
  • approximately 320 trailer parking bays;
  • capacity for 550 boat pens;
  • 200 boat stackers;
  • a protected beach;
  • a coastal pool; and
  • more than 5ha of community spaces.
"Water in the beach and coastal pool won't 'flush'"

We’ve been working closely with a team of coastal engineers to make sure the design allows for appropriate flushing of the marina to achieve modern engineering standards.

At Ocean Reef, extensive water quality modelling has been completed using best practice modelling techniques. This modelling has shown that the seepage of groundwater into the marine environment will naturally assist with the flushing of the marina, resulting in a well-flushed system.

"The marina will never happen"

Work has started – it’s happening!

Yes, it will take time to construct a marina of this size. But we’ve planned the construction stages to bring benefit to the local community as early as possible.

By the end of 2023, we’re planning to open the first community park and have the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Marine Rescue Whitfords relocated into their new facilities.

Boat ramps and trailer parking will also be accessible throughout construction.

"The current concept plan is a worse outcome for the environment than the earlier plans"

To clarify, the earlier plans referenced below are Concept Plan 7 (released by the City of Joondalup in 2009 through a community survey) and Concept Plan 7.2A (the subject of the planning and environmental approvals for the project).

Compared to these earlier plans, the amount of bushland clearing is actually slightly lower in the current plan – reduced from 19.27ha in Concept Plan 7, to 19.23ha in Concept Plan 7.2A, to 19ha in the current Concept Plan.

The amount of dredging required has also reduced from 79,000m3 in Concept Plan 7.2A to 13,395m3 in the current Concept Plan. The amount of dredging required in the 2009 Concept Plan 7 was never calculated, however the marine edge is much further into the existing coastline than either of the other two plans, so the amount of dredging is assumed to be higher again.

As part of a Bush Forever Negotiated Planning Outcome on the current Concept Plan, native seeds are being collected and will be used to rehabilitate approximately five hectares of nearby degraded bushland. Approximately 26 hectares of land of similar environmental value has also been purchased to offset the loss of bushland at Ocean Reef.

Bushland fauna relocation is also underway, and 100,000 Roe’s abalone will ultimately be relocated to help protect the sustainability of the species in this area.

"We will lose our coastal pathway"

This path will not be lost.

Feedback from the community found that this coastal path is frequently used and highly valued by locals.

We will need to re-route it to allow the construction works to safely take place, but a path will still be accessible during and after construction of the marina.

"The community has not been consulted"

Since the idea of a marina at Ocean Reef was first floated in the 1970s, a huge number of community consultation activities have been undertaken by both the City of Joondalup and DevelopmentWA.

A survey undertaken by the City of Joondalup on the 2009 Concept Plan received responses from more than 11,000 local residents and found that 94 per cent supported a marina at Ocean Reef.

Between 2013 and 2018, seven community forums and open days were held to advise local residents on the marina plans. This includes the 2018 open day which was attended by more than 2,100 people.

A dedicated Community Reference Group and Construction Working Group have been formed to directly liaise with local residents and businesses on the marina.

An Ocean Reef Marina Have Your Say webpage has also been created to engage with the local community.

These activities are in addition to the statutory public comment periods and ongoing discussions with key project stakeholders and interest groups.

If you feel you haven’t been heard, please feel free to get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"Eight boat ramps isn't enough"

We’ve been working closely with the Department of Transport on the number of boat ramp lanes. Their latest modelling has recommended eight boat ramps at Ocean Reef Marina.

The design, quantity and location of trailer bays at the existing boat harbour means that it is actually rated as a ‘four lane facility’ – even though it has eight lanes.

The new marina has been designed to meet the Australian Standard requirements of an eight-lane facility. Eight lanes is also the most of any public boating facility in WA.

"The 'Vergulde Draek' inscription will be destroyed"

We are aware of this rock inscription and its history on the site. However, the location and fragility of the rock means relocation is not a simple exercise.

We have engaged a well-renowned marine heritage consultant to advise on the best method to preserve and relocate this inscription.

We will provide more information on this once we have a bit more certainty on the approach.

"The ORSSC has been moved to a lesser location"

The Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club has always been and continues to be heavily involved in the project, and we regularly meet with Club representatives to provide updates and discuss any queries.

In August 2020, the State Government announced $6.5 million to help relocate ORSSC and Marine Rescue Whitfords to their new facilities within the marina.

The location of the new facility has intentionally been placed within the Marine Enterprise Precinct, providing close access to marine facilities including boat ramps, future boat pens, boat stackers and trailer parking, as well as the opportunity for a north facing view overlooking the protected beach and high quality community parklands.

The configuration of the clubhouse has been adjusted since the refined Concept Plan presented to the community in 2018, based on feedback from Club Management.

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