Alkimos Central

Shop local. Eat local. Work local. Live local.

Located at the heart of the northern coastal corridor between the Joondalup and Yanchep centres Alkimos Central has been planned to provide the required key services, an employment focus, a social place, a living community, a transport hub together with the health, education and recreational amenities for the circa 60,000 residents of the Alkimos-Eglinton District, and is expected to contribute to creating 13,500 local jobs needed in Alkimos and Eglinton to meet employment self sufficiency targets.

Alkimos Central will capture and merge the unique personality of the coastal location with a denser, flexible and active urban form with attractive streetscapes, engaging public places and buildings under-pinned by ecological design principles and a wide variety of uses.

Go Metro. Live Central.

As a transit and pedestrian orientated development, the centrally located Alkimos Metronet rail and bus station, expected to be complete by 2021, has been a key driver in planning design of Alkimos Central, maximising the potential use of public transport.

The adjacent DevelopmentWA residential communities of Alkimos Beach and Alkimos Vista will be connected to Alkimos Central and Metronet railway station via public transport links, roads and a series of interconnected bike and pedestrian pathways.

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