Anzac Drive West

Expansion of Anzac Drive Industrial Estate

Anzac Drive West is located to the west of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder city centre and approximately 3km from Airport. The land is suited to industrial uses due to its proximity to other industrial estates, for instance the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's Strategic Industrial Land development, the existing Anzac Drive Industrial Estate and the future Lot 350 Industrial Area. It is located between Great Eastern Highway and Anzac Drive which are major transport routes.

Anzac Drive West proposes a developable area of approximately 103ha, yielding up to 120 General Industrial lots over a 20 to 30 year period. Lot 500 (74ha) will see the first tranche of development with up to 61 lots ranging in approximate sizes from 3,500sqm up to 2ha.

The expansion of Anzac Drive Industrial Estate is subject to the current State Government processes covering Native Title compensation for registered claimants. Development of Anzac Drive West will proceed following the resolution of Native Title compensation.

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