Australian Marine Complex

The Western Australian Government owned Common User Facility (CUF) is a 400,000m2, integrated heavy engineering and fabrication & assembly facility, providing access for multiple users. It has been operating since 2003 and is part of the Fabrication Precinct at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC).

The CUF is a safe and secure location for fabrication, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair activities with off-load and load-out facilities.


  • 80m x 60m fabrication hall, workshops, warehouses, project offices & amenities
  • Floating dock with 12,000-tonne capacity
  • Self-propelled modular transporters - 4,500 tonne capacity
  • 400,000m2 laydown & assembly area
  • 6 wharves, including load-out, maintenance, heavy lift, RoRo
  • 24 hour operations with services including 24 hour manned security and CCTV surveillance, lighting towers and underground reticulated services for power, water, communications
    & sewer
  • Access to the State High Wide Load Corridor to transport loads of 9m x 9m x 50m
  • Providing a Port security Plan MTOFSA and Cargo terminal operation areas
  • Customs gazetted wharves allowing for the import or export of international freight
  • Access to local skilled and high quality workforce and industry


AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd (AMCM) have been the Facility Managers of the CUF and Operators of the Floating Dock and Transfer System since 2003. AMCM are responsible for marketing, operating and maintaining the CUF and are the first point of contact for access to the CUF.

AMCM is contracted through DevelopmentWA, the WA Government agency responsible for Government owned land. AMCM works with both State and Federal Government to develop the opportunities the facility brings to local industry.



The CUF is a multi-industry common user facility and provides infrastructure and services on a project by project basis. It has an open access policy and is large enough for a number of different companies to undertake their projects at any one time.

Companies using the CUF provide their own project management team, workforce and operating methods and are accountable for their project execution, using the CUF as an extension of their workplace. The Facility Manager contracts with the User to provide the facilities required to meet their project needs.

Before access is granted to the User they must demonstrate commitment to, and capability of meeting, legislated health, safety, environment, security, and employee management standards.

AMCM personnel are experienced in the construction and operation of Large Made to Order Projects, and are available to provide support in a number of ways. AMCM personnel can:

  • Assist in the formulation of productivity-improving strategies for user projects;
  • Answer questions about the CUF's facilities and commercial principles to supplement information available on this website;
  • Advise on the availability of the different CUF facilities;
  • Provide presentations of the capabilities of the CUF and conduct site tours for both users and their clients;
  • Explain policies and requirements associated with health, safety, environment, operations and employee management for the facility; and
  • Suggest local contacts to help companies do business at the facility.



Companies wishing to use the CUF have low set-up costs with competitive rates. Subject to availability, they can select the facilities they require and determine the duration of their use of the facilities.  Click here to see a copy of the Schedule of Rates



  • Common User -The CUF is, as its name suggests a "common user facility". It is not a facility dedicated to one user or even one industry.
  • Broad Market Focus - The facility services a range of industries including the defence, marine, oil and gas and resource industries.
  • Multiple Concurrent Projects - The CUF is large for a number of different projects to be undertaken by different companies concurrently at the facility.
  • Independent Facility Manager -The facility manager, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd, maintains the facility and coordinates access by other parties. It does not provide project management,  a workforce or equipment and has not vested interest in the projects.
  • Users Manage their own Projects and Workforces - Parties using the facility provide their own management and workforce and accept normal project accountabilities. The Facility Manager guarantees access to defined facilities for an agreed period.
  • Commercial Flexibility - A Schedule of Rates for the AMC-CUF is provided on this website. Rates can vary to attract appropriate projects to the facility, but the CUF will not offer different rates to different parties competing for the same project.
  • Customs and Security -The CUF has a Section 15 Customs gazetting which allows customs clearance at the facility. Offices have been established for use by Customs officials to facilitate the receipt and bonding of project materials. The CUF Port Security Plan is fully approved by Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) and compliant with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements.
  • Minimum Standards - Before approval is given to a party to use the facility, it must demonstrate its commitment to and capability of observing basic health, safety, environment, and employee management standards. More details are provided in the Using the CUF section.