Australian Marine Complex


The CUF is a multi-industry common user facility, and provides infrastructure to industry on a project-by-project basis. It has an open access policy and is of sufficient size for a number of different companies to manage their projects at any one time.

Companies using the CUF provide their own management and workforce and are accountable for their project execution. The Facility Manager provides access to required facilities for an agreed period.

The CUF operates a pay-for-use system that enables users to control their expenditure as required by the phases of the projects utilising the facility.

Follow these steps to see how your project can benefit from the facilities the CUF has to offer:

Step 1: Take a look at the AMC CUF Brochure to appreciate the full scope and scale of the facility
Step 2: Look in detail at the individual facilities in the Facility Description
Step 3: Review the current Schedule of Rates
Step 4: Fill the in the Enquiry Capture Form and send to AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd (AMCM)


When a company has evaluated the CUF and wishes to lease all or part of the CUF, it will advise AMCM and a User Agreement will be prepared. The User Agreement defines the commercial relationship between DevelopmentWA, AMCM (DevelopmentWA's agent for the operation of the CUF) and the company wishing to use the CUF.

It will define the specific facilities the company wishes to lease, the duration of the use and the schedule of rates to apply to the lease.

Before a User Agreement is approved or a company has access to the facility, the User Agreement must be approved and it is necessary for the company to demonstrate that it has satisfactory occupational health and safety, environment and employee management plans in place.

Please see link to the Access Flowchart for more information

For further information or assistance, call AMCM for more information:

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd

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Henderson WA 6166
T: +61 8 9437 0500

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