Cockburn Commercial Park

Ideally located within Perth's south metropolitan corridor, Cockburn Commercial Park enjoys access to major transport routes to Fremantle and Perth.  It is a well-established and successful estate with more than 100 businesses already operating. 

Research indicates that the estate provides employment for approximately 2,900 people and produces goods and services valued at an estimated $1.2billion annually.*

The estate is bordered by North Lake Road, Sudlow Road and Spearwood Avenue, and is suitable for both general/light industrial and commercial businesses. 

Final Lot Under Offer

The final lot is under offer.
Should you be interested in other metropolitan industrial opportunities, explore the estate options below.

Looking to build?

If you're a land owner and looking for an industrial builder, visit the Master Builders WA website for more information. 

*Sources: Pracsys Analysis 2012 using Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008/2009 National Input Output Tables and 2011 Census Place of Work Employment Data. 

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Cockburn commercial park

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