Kwinana SIA

Providing land for the processing of Western Australia's natural resouces.

The Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) is one of Western Australia’s most important strategic industrial areas and is part of the State’s premier heavy industrial zone, the Western Trade Coast.  

The Kwinana SIA ensures strategically important industry has access to serviced, well-buffered and appropriately zoned land in close proximity to the Fremantle Port.

The Kwinana SIA is a specialist centre for chemical and resource based processing industries, directly adjacent to the Fremantle Port’s deep-water bulk materials facilities and associated road and rail and networks.Industries currently located in the Kwinana SIA include:

BP Refinery
Wesfarmers LPG
Tianqi Lithium Australia
- Western Energy
Cockburn Cement
Coogee Chemicals
Verve Energy
Air Liquide
BOC Gases

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of Kwinana SIA and DevelopmentWA is the estate manager of land owned by DevelopmentWA.

The process for land allocation of DevelopmentWA land in the heavy industrial core or buffer areas is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart

Proponents interested in investing in Kwinana SIA on DevelopmentWA land will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal Template to JTSI and DevelopmentWA.

Interested proponents should contact DevelopmentWA for more information.

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Leasing Manager, DevelopmentWA
+61 8 9482 7499

More information on the Kwinana SIA is available below. 

KWIN1 2020 01 14 Kwinana SIA mud map1. Location
2. Land Tenure
3. Planning
4. Sustainability
5. Environment
6. Services
7. Native Title
8. Aboriginal Heritage
9. European Heritage

1. Location 

The Kwinana SIA is located 30km south of the Perth metropolitan area and 15km south of Fremantle and the Fremantle Port.

Perth is serviced by daily flights from the Perth International Airport to most national and international destinations.

2. Land Tenure 

DevelopmentWA owns approximately 270 hectares in the Kwinana SIA which can be leased to proponents when required.

3. Planning 

Located within the City of Kwinana, the Kwinana SIA industrial core is zoned 'Industrial' under the City's Town Planning Scheme and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage's Metropolitan Region Scheme.

4. Sustainability 

There are a large number of industrial synergies which already occur in the Kwinana SIA and industries are encouraged to investigate the re-use of other proponents products or by-products to ensure the continued efficient use of land within the Kwinana SIA.

5. Environment 

DevelopmentWA owned land in the Kwinana SIA has generally been cleared and used for a previous industrial use.

6. Services 

The Kwinana SIA is well serviced by major road, rail, power, gas, industrial water, industrial waste water and potable water services.

Proponents will need to connect to these services if required.

7. Native Title 

DevelopmentWA land within the Kwinanan SIA is not subject to Native Title.

8. Aboriginal Heritage 

All ground disturbing activities within the Kwinana SIA likely to disturb an aboriginal heritage site are subject to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA).  Information in relation to registered aboriginal heritage sites and aboriginal heritage matters in general can be found at the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

9. European Heritage 

There are no known European heritage sites on land owned by DevelopmentWA in the Kwinana SIA.

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