Latitude 32 Industry Zone

Covering 1,400ha, this major industrial zone located 30km south of the Perth CBD, is among the largest in Australia and will provide short, medium and long-term demand for industrial land in Perth.

Two unique lots on Hope Valley Road have just been released. 

Build Your Own Deal

Are you ready to build up your business? With sales incentives available for a limited time including rebates, flexible terms and customisable lot design, now’s the time to build your own deal for your piece of prime industrial and commercial space with the Industrial Lands Authority.

Light, general, heavy and strategic industrial lots are available across the state. Contact the Sales Team or explore the opportunities here.

Strategically located in Perth’s rapidly expanding south-west corridor, Latitude 32 is a key component of the Western Trade Coast – destined to become a thriving integrated commercial region also incorporating the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson, the Rockingham Industry Zone and the Kwinana Industrial Area.

The region offers access to nearby high-quality transport infrastructure, with road, rail, sea and air links. It also employs over 11,000 people and generates more than $15 billion every year.

Hope Valley is located within the premium Latitude 32 Industry Zone and forms a part of Western Australia’s most important industrial area, the Western Trade Coast. DevelopmentWA is just one of the 160 landowners within the zone and is coordinating the planning for the entire area.

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Latitude 32 industry zone

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