Project Information

Latitude 32 has its own Act of Parliament known as the Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Act 2000 (the Act). The Act established the Authority (DevelopmentWA) with the functions to plan, undertake, promote and coordinate the development and redevelopment of land in the redevelopment area.

As required by the Act a Master Plan (Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Project Master Plan) was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in 2004, and functions in a manner similar to a town planning scheme. The Master Plan provides the procedures for establishing statutory documents including structure plans, planning policies and design guidelines, along with the requirements for planning approvals in order to control land use and development.

Latitude 32 has also undergone rigorous environmental assessment; a Ministerial Condition of the approval of the Master Plan required the preparation of biodiversity and water management strategies in 2008.

Since 2008, the biodiversity and water management strategies have been reviewed resulting in the updated Latitude 32 District Water Management Strategy and Latitude 32 Biodiversity Strategy Review. All structure plans, subdivision and development applications are required to consider these documents.

Under the Act and Master Plan the WAPC is the determining authority for planning. In early 2012, the WAPC delegated the authority back to the City of Kwinana and City of Cockburn. The Local Government responsibility in Latitude 32 is therefore planning and compliance and the WAPC is responsible for structure plan and subdivision approval.

See below for the planning requirements of developers and the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies throughout the planning process.

Development Application

Lodge Development Application with your local council, City of Cockburn or City of Kwinana.

Referral Agency

Determining Authority for application (unless forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commision, Reserved Land or decision does not accord with DevelopmentWA's recommendation)

Determining Authority (Application forwarded by Local Government, Reserved Land or decision does not accord with DevelopmentWA's recommendation)

Subdivision Application

Lodge Subdivision Application with WAPC.

Referral Agency

Referral Agency

Approving Authority

Structure Plan

Lodge Structure Plan with DevelopmentWA

1. Initiate Structure Plan
2. Advertise Structure Plan
3. Consider Submissions
4. Forward to Western Australian Planning Commission for Approval

Referral Agency

Approving Authority

Master Plan Amendment


1. Initiate Amendment
2. Advertise Amendment
3. Consider Submissions
4. Forward to Western Australian Planning Commission for recommendation to Minister for consideration

Referral Agency

1. Consent to advertise Amendment
2. Consider Submissions and response from DevelopmentWA and make recommendation to Minister for determination

Developing Land in Latitude 32

There are two ways you can obtain approval to develop within Latitude 32:

1. Temporary development

Temporary development can be undertaken prior to structure plan approval, in accordance with the Latitude 32 Development of Land Policy. Refer to the Development of Land Policy at the bottom of the page.

Following approval of a structure plan, temporary development will be considered in limited circumstances depending on compliance with the approved levels plan (within the structure plan) and timing from the development front or development by others.

2. Permanent industrial development

All permanent development must be in accordance with the planning framework at the time of approval. Including, but not limited to:

  • A structure plan approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission,
  • The development contribution plan relating to the relevant development area, and
  • The Latitude 32 Design Guidelines - please refer to link at the bottom of the page.

For more information on developing in Latitude 32 please refer to our frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in investing in land within Latitude 32 take a look at the Land for Sale page.

Development Areas


With six distinct development areas, Latitude 32 offers a number of flexible expansion options. Each area is at different stages of development and offers unique benefits and features.

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