Maitland SIA

A major SIA planned for the downstream processing of the Pilbara's resources.

The Maitland Strategic Industrial Area (Maitland SIA) comprises 2,500ha of land that is strategically located to promote and facilitate the processing of Western Australia's natural resources in the Pilbara region.  Further information on the Pilbara region can be obtained from the Pilbara Development Commission.



Maitland sia

The Maitland SIA has been identified as a long-term strategic industrial development capable of accommodating industries such as gas or petroleum processing, power production and other associated downstream processing such as urea, ammonia and ammonium nitrate. The Dampier-to-Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) traverses the estate and the North-West Coastal Highway runs along the southern boundary.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Maitland SIA and DevelopmentWA is the estate manager.

There is currently one proponent located in the Maitland SIA:

The process for land allocation in the Maitland SIA is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart

Proponents interested in locating in Maitland SIA will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal  to JTSI and DevelopmentWA.

Proponents considering investing in Maitland should contact DevelopmentWA for more detailed information.

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Development Manager, DevelopmentWA
T: 08 9482 7571


1. Location    

The Maitland SIA is located approximately 24km west of the town of Karratha and 39km south of Dampier Port in Western Australia.

Karratha is located approximately 1400km north of Perth.

There are daily passenger flights from Perth Airport to Karratha Airport (approximately 2 hours flight time).

2. Land Tenure

The majority of the Maitland SIA is Crown land.

When required by proponents, the land will be transferred to DevelopmentWA in freehold ownership and leased to proponents.

3. Planning

The Maitland SIA is located within the boundaries of the City of Karratha.

Under the City of Karratha Town Planning Scheme No. 8, the Maitland SIA is zoned 'Strategic Industry' permitting the development of heavy / strategic industries.

A 2km 'Special Control Area' surrounds the Maitland SIA core area, acting as a buffer to ensure incompatible land uses to not hinder the development of heavy industries in the estate.

DevelopmentWA and JTSI are preparing an Improvement Plan / Improvement Scheme to guide development within the Maitland SIA and provide more certainty with regard to proponent project approvals.

4. Sustainability

As part of the Improvement Plan / Improvement Scheme process, an Industrial Ecology Strategy will provide a vision and strategy for the Maitland SIA to become a sustainable industrial estate through the encouragement of co-location of industries to create synergies such as the re-use of products or by-products.

This report provides the basis to establish a highly efficient and competitive industrial development which emphasises flexibility, innovation and adaptation to future challenges facing the Pilbara region and will be available on this page when complete.

5. Environment

DevelopmentWA is undertaking an environmental due diligence and gap analysis to review existing environmental investigations and provide recommendations for additional studies required for the Improvement Plan / Improvement Scheme.

The existing studies have found that the flora and fauna present within the estate do not form any statutory constraint to development.

Combined two-dimensional flood modelling and storm surge investigations are also being undertaken over the Maitland SIA to determine the extent, depth and velocity of fresh water flooding and inundation during large storms and cyclonic events.

6. Services

The Maitland SIA is largely undeveloped and unserviced. Proponents requiring significant services will most likely be required to establish those services on-site or extend service infrastructure to the estate.

The State also encourages the establishment of independent service providers within the estate.

A detailed study of current and future servicing options will be undertaken as part of the Improvement Plan / Improvement Scheme process. 

7. Native Title

The Burrup and Maitland Industrial Estate's Native Title Agreement (BMIEA) provides native title approval for the Maitland SIA. 

8. Aboriginal Heritage

The Department of Planning, Lands and Herritage has indicated that there are few registered Aboriginal sites which would significantly impact on the development of the Maitland SIA. A more detailed Aboriginal Heritage Survey is being undertaken as part of the Improvement Plan/Improvement Scheme process.

All ground disturbing activities within the Maitland SIA likely to disturb an aboriginal heritage site is subject to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA).

9. European Heritage

There are currently no known European heritage sites of significance within the Maitland SIA.