Mirambeena SIA

Providing land for the processing of the Great Southern region's natural resources.

The Mirambeena Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) has been selected by the Western Australian Government as a site for strategic and heavy industry in the Great Southern region. Further information on the Great Southern region can be obtained from the Great Southern Development Commission.



Mirambeena sia

Located 14km north of Albany, Mirambeena SIA comprises two separate precincts, being the Down Road Precinct (east) and Timber Processing Precinct (west), with a total industrial core area of 130 hectares. These areas provide for a range of industries associated with local resources including timber, farm produce and viticulture.

Land is available for long term lease.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Mirambeena SIA. 

The process for land allocation in the Burrup SIA is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart

Proponents intending to locate in the Mirambeena SIA will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal to JTSI and DevelopmentWA. 

Proponents interested in investing in the Mirambeena SIA should contact DevelopmentWA.

Doug Stirling

Development Manager, DevelopmentWA
+61 8 9482 7445


1. Location    

The Mirambeena SIA is located 14km north of Albany in Western Australia. 

Albany is located 415km south of Perth (approximately 4.5 hour drive). 

There are also daily flights from Perth Airport to Albany Airport (approximately 50 minute flight time). 

2. Land Tenure

DevelopmentWA owns 130 hectares of industrial zoned land within the Mirambeena SIA, which comprises the Down Road Precinct and Timber Processing Precinct.

The land is held in freehold ownership and leased to proponents on an unserviced basis.

DevelopmentWA also owns some land in the buffers of the Down Road Precinct and Timber Processing Precinct which can developed according to its current zoning.

3. Planning

The Mirambeena SIA is located within the boundaries of the City of Albany

Under the City of Albany Local Planning Scheme No 1, both the Down Road Precinct and Timber Processing Precinct are zoned 'General Industry'. 

Uses within the Timber Precinct are restricted to timber processing.  

Both precincts are protected from sensitive land uses by a statutory buffer. 

4. Sustainability

DevelopmentWA encourages all occupants of the Mirambeena SIA to embrace sustainability through co-location, sharing of inputs and outputs and undertaking developments sensitive to the environment and natural landscape.

5. Environment

The Timber Processing Precinct is subject to an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) due to its location within the Marbellup River Catchment zone.  

This EMP is prescribed by the Department of Environment Regulation and administered by the City of Albany. 

6. Services

Land in the Mirambeena SIA industrial core areas will be leased to proponents on an unserviced basis. 

Services required for a development in the industrial core areas will need to be negotiated directly between the lessee and the relevant utility.

7. Native Title

There is no Native Title within the Mirambeena SIA.

8. Aboriginal Heritage

There are no recorded Aboriginal Heritage Sites within the Mirambeena SIA. 

9. European Heritage

There are no recorded European Heritage Sites within the Mirambeena SIA.