Mukinbudin Industrial

Regional Land Booster

Through Regional Land Booster you can access DevelopmentWA incentives on our residential and industrial land.

Plus, with the First Home Owners Grant* and with record low interest rates, it’s a great time to buy!

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit the  First Home Owners Grant website to see if you qualify. 

Mukinbudin is the hub of a proud farming region set among some of Western Australia's most interesting landscapes. Less than 300km north-east of Perth, the town's residents pride themselves on a strong community spirit and hospitality.

Wheat and sheep farming are Mukinbudin's primary industries but transport, stock, steel fabrication and tree nurseries are a dominant feature of its economy. Mukinbudin's exceptional sport and recreation facilities are used by communities throughout the region.

To continue the development of a vibrant regional community, purchasers are required to build within 36 months from settlement.

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