Mungari SIA

A purpose-designed resource processing area to meet the needs of the Goldfields region.

The Mungari Strategic Industrial Area (Mungari SIA) is planned to create heavy and strategic downstream processing opportunities in the Goldfields / Esperance region. More information on the Goldfields / Esperance region is available from the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission.



Mungari sia

The Mungari SIA is ideally located adjacent to major road, rail, water and power infrastructure and is close to the towns of Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Mungari SIA and DevelopmentWA is the estate manager.

The process for land allocation in the Mungari SIA is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart

Proponents intending to locate in the Mungari SIA will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal  to JTSI and DevelopmentWA. 

Proponents interested in investing in the Mungari SIA should contact DevelopmentWA for more information.

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Development Manager, DevelopmentWA
T: 9482 7571


1. Location    

The Mungari SIA is located approximately 26km south-west of Kalgoorlie and 13km north-east of Coolgardie in Western Australia.

Kalgoorlie is located approximately 600km east of Perth.

There are daily flights from Perth Airport to Kalgoorlie Airport (approximately 1 hour flight time).

2. Land Tenure

The Mungari SIA comprises 696ha of strategic industrial core owned in freehold by DevelopmentWA and a 1km buffer surround which is unallocated Crown Land.

Land in the core will be leased to proponents through DevelopmentWA.

3. Planning

The Mungari SIA is located in the Shire of Coolgardie.

Under the Shire of Coolgardie Town Planning Scheme No. 4 (TPS4), the Mungari core is zoned 'Special Use – Mungari Industrial Park'.

The 1km Mungari Buffer is zoned 'Special Control Area' in the TPS4 to prevent the construction of residential or other incompatible sensitive land uses from encroaching on the Mungari core.

4. Sustainability

Proponents with synergies are encouraged to locate in close proximity within the Mungari core to maximise the re-use of products and by-products to ensure the efficient use of land.

Renewable energy and other 'non-heavy' industries are encouraged to locate in the Mungari buffer.

5. Environment

DevelopmentWA has undertaken a number of environmental investigations on the site to date and these are available below:

There are unlikely to be any significant environmental issues for development within the Mungari SIA.

6. Services

The Mungari SIA is a greenfield site which is currently unserviced, although regional level service infrastructure traverses the estate.

Proponents requiring significant services may be required to provide those services on-site or extend service infrastructure to the estate.

7. Native Title

Land within the Mungari core has been cleared of Native Title.

The majority of the Mungari buffer remains subject to Native Title.

8. Aboriginal Heritage

There are two Aboriginal sites of significance within the Mungari core that have been registered with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage - Aboriginal Heritage.

Numerous Aboriginal heritage surveys have been prepared to date for the Mungari SIA, including:

9. European Heritage

The Shire of Coolgardie Municipal Register contains two listings: the 'Old Mungari Townsite'; and the 'Old Kurrawang Community Site'.

The 'Old Kurranwang Community Site' is located outside the Mungari SIA however the 'Old Mungari Townsite' is within the Mungari buffer.