Oakajee SIA

Strategic industrial land in Western Australia's mid west region

The Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area is planned to create a new heavy industrial area and multi-user deep water port for strategic and downstream processing industries to service Western Australia’s Mid West. Further information on the Mid West region can be obtained from the Mid West Development Commission.




Oakajee sia

Renewable Hydrogen Hub Opportunity

The Oakajee Project comprises a 6,400ha greenfields area which has significant potential to service and support many existing and future industries in the Mid West region, including export-orientated activities such as magnetite iron ore, downstream processing industries and renewable hydrogen through the future 1,000ha Oakajee Port and 1,134ha Strategic Industrial Area.

In addition to the 1,134ha Strategic Industrial Area, the Oakajee SIA includes a 4,070ha buffer and 196ha of planned general industrial areas which may be used for activities that do not compromise the intended use of the Oakajee SIA.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Oakajee Project and DevelopmentWA is the land owner and estate manager.

In 2020 JTSI ran an Expression of Interest (EOI) to obtain market interest in the development of the Oakajee SIA for renewable hydrogen opportunities and understand what is required to unlock the potential of the Oakajee SIA. The Government is finalising its response in relation to these matters.

The process for land allocation in the Oakajee SIA is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart

Proponents (including renewable hydrogen proponents who may have responded to the EOI) intending to locate in the Oakajee SIA, should submit a Proponent Project Proposal to JTSI and DevelopmentWA.

Proponents interested in investing in the Oakajee SIA should contact DevelopmentWA for more information.

Tom Engelbrecht
Senior Development Manager, DevelopmentWA
T: +61 8 9482 7803
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Location    

The Oakajee SIA is located approximately 23km north of the major regional centre of the City of Greater Geraldton in Western Australia.

Geraldton is located 420km north of Perth (approximately 4.5 hour drive).

There are also daily flights from Perth Airport to Geraldton Airport (approximately 50 minute flight time).

2. Land Tenure

DevelopmentWA owns all of the Oakajee SIA's 6,400ha in freehold ownership.

3. Planning

The Oakajee SIA is located within the boundaries of the Shire of Chapman Valley.

Under the Shire of Chapman Valley Town Planning Scheme No.3, the Oakajee SIA is zoned for Strategic Industry with a Special Control Area (buffer) which prevents the development of sensitive uses.

The Oakajee Industrial Estate Structure Plan Report  was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 24 April 2012.

The Oakajee SIA Structure Plan provides future development guidance for the Oakajee SIA. The Structure Plan includes the following Technical Reports:

Sustainability Report Parsons Brinckerhoff, March 2012
Industrial Ecology StrategyParsons Brinckerhoff, March 2012
Environmental Review ReportParsons Brinckerhoff, March 2012
Landscape Report Hassell and Strategen, April 2012

4. Sustainability

The Industrial Ecology Strategy provides a vision and strategy for the Oakajee SIA to be a sustainable strategic industrial area through the co-location of heavy industries with waste and other synergies. A number of possible sustainability initiatives are outlined in the Sustainability Report

The Oakajee SIA has significant renewable energy potential in the buffer due to the world class, diurnally complementary wind and solar potential. Global data sets indicate the renewable resources at the Oakajee SIA are internationally competitive:

  • Wind speed: 7.50 to 8.75 m/s with a capacity factor up to 50%, among the highest in the world.
  • Global Horizontal Irradiation: 2,000 - 2,200 kWh/m2

In order of magnitude assessments indicate the Oakajee SIA buffer has the potential to provide up to 270MW of wind generation and 1,250MW of solar photovoltaic renewable energy with a consistently high renewable contribution to the daily load. Supported by gas firming, it is estimated this generation capacity could provide a levelised cost of electricity below 10c/kWh.

For further information refer to the Oakajee SIA Renewable Energy Review Report - Advisian, September 2020.  

5. Environment

The majority of the Oakajee SIA is located on cleared agricultural land, with the future port area located on coastal dunes.

The Environmental Review Report provides an overview of a number of different environmental factors associated with the Oakajee SIA.

6. Services

The Oakajee SIA is a greenfield site and is unlikely to have sufficient services to meet the needs of proponents intending to locate in the estate.

Proponents requiring significant services will most likely be required to provide those services on-site or extend service infrastructure to the estate.

DevelopmentWA and the State encourage the establishment of independent service providers within the estate.

A summary of current and future services is provided in the Engineering Services Report

7. Native Title

Native title has been extinguished over the majority of the land within the Oakajee SIA due to its historical alienation as freehold land from the Crown estate. 

DevelopmentWA has recently agreed native title obligations over part of the Oakajee SIA in the Government's Yamatji Nation Indigenous Land Use Agreement.

8. Aboriginal Heritage

There are a number of aboriginal heritage sites within the Oakajee SIA that have been registered by the Department of Planning, Lands and, Heritage - Aboriginal Heritage.

An Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan has been prepared for the Oakajee SIA to guide management of existing registered or future identified aboriginal sites. The Management Plan provides for assessment and management of any sites affected in the course of the development of the estate.

All future proponents will be required to comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan.

9. European Heritage

There are a number of European heritage sites within the Oakajee SIA listed on the Heritage Council of Western Australia database.

Further information on European heritage within the Oakajee SIA can be found in the European Heritage Report prepared for the Oakajee SIA Structure Plan: