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Coastal Path Temporary Detour

Can I still access the pedestrian path through the site during the works?

We’ve been working with the local community and Construction Working Group very closely  and they have  told us how important the coastal shared path is to the Ocean Reef lifestyle.

We recognise this and are committed to providing access through the life of the project.

During initial construction works a temporary detour of the path will be undertaken to maintain a safe separation between  works traffic and pedestrians/cyclists.

This temporary detour is expected to be in place until the newly constructed path within the development is created. 

Approaching the site from the South, the temporary route will take pedestrians east along Boat Harbour Quays crossing at Ocean Reef Road. A new  pedestrian path will head north taking the community past Resolute Way before heading west,  to re-join the existing coastal path near the end of Gloriana View.

Temporary Path Diversion

Project Background


What is planned for Ocean Reef Marina?

Ocean Reef Marina is set to become a world-class waterfront precinct providing recreational, tourism, residential and boating facilities.

When complete, the development will feature 12,000sqm of retail and commercial space, capacity for up to 550 boat pens and 200 boat stackers, around 1,000 homes and more than 5ha of community spaces.

Why has this location been chosen for a marina?

This site in Ocean Reef has been long identified as the preferred location for a marina development, with a number of community consultation activities and feasibility studies undertaken over the years.

The project is an extension of the existing boating harbour facilities meaning this site has a reduced impact on the surrounding environment when compared to other locations in the immediate area. The site also offers direct access to Mitchell Freeway and the Joondalup City Centre via Hodges Drive.

Why build the marina?

This site was originally flagged in the late 1970s as a potential location for a marina development, envisaged to help meet additional boating demand in the north metropolitan corridor.

In addition to this, the development is likely to provide more than 900 local jobs as well as a mix of residential and short-stay accommodation and a tourism destination for the local area.

About Ocean Reef Marina


What will be included in the marina?

When complete, Ocean Reef Marina is set to become a truly world-class destination. The 65ha precinct will include waterfront cafes and restaurants, a protected internal beach, improved walkability and more open spaces for the community than the previous plan.

Residential areas will be separated from marine services, and 12,000sqm of retail/commercial space will help attract local and international visitors alike.

The development will also create 8,600 jobs during construction and more than 900 ongoing jobs.

What boating facilities will be provided?

There will be capacity for up to 550 boat pens and 200 boat stackers for people wanting to store their boat at the marina.

For those with trailer boats, the existing number of boat ramps (eight) will be maintained, however an improved layout will allow for easier and more efficient access on busy days.

How much of the development will be available to the public?

The landmark project is set to become an iconic waterfront precinct, providing the capacity for up to 550 boat pens and approximately 200 boat stackers, a wide range of public amenity and eventually around 1,000 homes, consisting of apartments, single residential dwellings and mixed-use developments. 

It will also become a hub for other community uses with Ocean Reef, with approximately 12,000sqm of retail/commercial floorspace and more than 5ha of community spaces. 

The concept plan includes a range of landscaped major open spaces, event and community areas, parks, public walkways, waterfront promenade and plazas, a large, sheltered public beach and a coastal pool. 

What will happen to the ANZAC Memorial?

The ANZAC Memorial currently located at the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club will be preserved and included in the new marina. We are working closely with the Joondalup City RSL and local community members to find the most appropriate location for this monument.

How has my feedback been incorporated into the plans?

Based on feedback collected through the City of Joondalup, the Ocean Reef Marina concept plan was refined and presented back to the community at an Open Day in October 2018.

The changes ensure the marina is:

  • Appropriate to the location;
  • Providing the amenities and features that the community want;
  • Environmentally responsible; and
  • Financially sustainable.

Since this time, a few additional changes have been made following feedback from the onsite sea sports club and emergency services.

A Community Reference Group has also been formed to ensure the ongoing design development of the landscaping and public spaces are reflective of the needs of the community.

What is the purpose of Design Guidelines?

The Design Guidelines will help provide a clear guide to assist design consultants and construction contractors in the design and construction of development sites at Ocean Reef Marina.

It is important that the design quality reaches and sometimes exceeds the standards set out in the State Planning Policy. This will include Green Star rated buildings for environmental sustainability.

Along with the Improvement Scheme, supporting documents have also been prepared, including the draft Design Guidelines which will ensure high quality built form and sustainable design across Residential, Mixed use and Marine Enterprise precincts.

The draft Design Guidelines are included for information only, to provide an example of how a high standard of development can be achieved. A separate approval process will occur for the Design Guidelines following the Gazettal of the Imrpovement Scheme in September 2020..

How has the height of the development changed?

Ocean Reef Marina will become a high-quality destination for community and visitors to the City of Joondalup, with the future buildings ranging in heights and land uses carefully planned to create a vibrant offering along with residential and employment opportunities whilst sensitive to the visual impact on the existing community.

The size of the nine-storey building footprint in the Mixed-use precinct has been reduced since the last Concept Plan presented to the community.

Buildings have been positioned to consider the natural contours of the area – higher buildings have been placed on the lower parts of the site, in order to minimise the impact on surrounding homes.

The height of development in the Residential precinct typically ranges from two to three storeys, with an area fronting internal parkland permitted up to four storeys and one area at the lowest part of the site permitted up to a split maximum of four to six storeys. Views from Ocean Reef Road of a maximum six-storey building in this location would be limited as a result of the dune system and existing vegetation and the adjacent two to three storey development.

Does the redistribution of building heights result in any increase in residential dwellings or retail floorspace?

No. The total number of residential homes has not changed and is consistent with the information presented to the community in 2018.  There will also still be approximately 12,000sqm net leasable area of retail and commercial uses to enhance the experience of residents and visitors, and to provide local employment opportunities. 

The focus for retail and commercial areas is on food and beverage, festival and specialty retail, and a small supermarket for convenience goods.  Additional land uses to support local employment and economic development have also been identified within the Marine Enterprise precinct.  It is anticipated that some marine and maritime-related education, training and small-scale research uses may be developed in addition to the facilities and services associated with the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, Marine Rescue Whitfords, boating, fishing and other marina recreational activities.

Has the impact on traffic changed?

No.  There has been no significant change in the number of residential dwellings and retail/commercial floor space and, as a result, traffic generation is not expected to be much different from the previous concept plan. 

The central access to the marina extending from Hodges Drive will provide the main access for the recreational, retail and commercial activities, as well as the homes and employment uses in the mixed-use precinct.

The northern access to the marina is likely to provide the primary access to the new residential neighbourhood, whereas the southern realigned Boat Harbour Quays is expected to provide the main access for the boat launching facilities and Marina Enterprise precinct. 

An appropriate level of car parking for residents, staff and visitors will be accommodated within the buildings. 

A detailed traffic management plan will be prepared and approved prior to any construction work starting onsite. 

The Improvement Scheme allows for traffic and parking policies to be prepared to make sure the pedestrian, cycling and vehicle network design, as well as the parking allocation, are appropriate for the development. 

How will the view from my house change? 

Views from Ocean Reef Road and existing residential properties will change as a result of the development of the marina and the new breakwaters, which are being built to improve boating safety. 

However, as the on-shore areas that are being developed are strategically placed in the lower areas of the site, the visual prominence of taller buildings will be limited. 

Maximum heights will be controlled by the Improvement Scheme and, through careful planning, view corridors and vistas have been considered for the Design Guidelines. 

Marina Construction


When will construction of the marina commence?

Construction started in August 2020.

How long will it take to develop the marina?

Works will take place across multiple stages, in response to market demand and community expectations.

By the end of 2023, we're planning to open the first community park and have the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Marine Rescue Whitfords relocated into their new facilities.

Full build-out of the marina is expected in 2036+.

Will the boat ramps be accessible during construction?

We understand that the existing boat ramps are used regularly and we have incorporated this into our construction staging. It is intended that boat ramps will remain available for use throughout the construction period.

Will the bushland be developed?

The bushland surrounding the marina precinct will be maintained and enhanced with rehabilitation and management programs to provide protection for the benefit of future generations.

After the Open Day in 2018 a Community Reference Group was created, and an overall Landscape Masterplan has been prepared. 

A Bush Forever Negotiated Planning Outcome (NPO) has been supported by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH). This NPO sets out strategies to help ensure long-term protection of our environment, including rehabilitation of degraded bushland in the vicinity of the marina development and the purchase of 'offset' land with similar environmental values.

How will the marina encroach on Marmion Marine Park?

Studies have been undertaken to understand any potential impacts on the marine environment and make sure the development can be completed in an environmentally-responsible way.

The highest level of environmental assessment – a Public Environmental Review (PER) – has been completed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and subsequent environmental approval has been given to the project.

Following this approval, the Marmion Marine Park Reserves Bill 2019 successfully passed through both Houses of Parliament.

We are also working with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and Recfishwest to help manage any impacts on commercial and recreational abalone license holders.

Will the new development be environmentally sustainable?

Ocean Reef Marina will set a new benchmark in large-scale sustainable infrastructure development. 

The plan has considered:

  • Stormwater management and water-sensitive urban design;
  • Traffic and parking management and promotion of active transport;
  • Coastal management and resilience against rising sea levels; and
  • Protection of the surrounding natural bushland.

In addition, leading-edge techniques in construction, waste management, water servicing, smart technology and renewable energy for the precinct are being investigated. 

The draft Design Guidelines require development proposals to achieve certain standards for water and energy efficiency, renewable energy and for key sites, Green Star Building ratings. 

Ocean Reef Marina is one of the first projects in Australia to follow the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Planning Rating Tool.  The IS Tool is one of the world's most comprehensive Infrastructure Sustainability frameworks with outcomes assessed across key governance, economic, environmental and social criteria.


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