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Through Regional Land Booster, land is now available in our Ravensthorpe Light Industrial estate from $18,500.

The industrial lots are serviced with power and telephone and located close to amenities, providing a great opportunity for you to set up a business in this thriving community.

Build Your Own Deal

Are you ready to build up your business? With sales incentives available for a limited time including rebates, flexible terms and customisable lot design, now’s the time to build your own deal for your piece of prime industrial and commercial space with the Industrial Lands Authority.

Light, general, heavy and strategic industrial lots are available across the state. Contact the Sales Team or explore the opportunities here.

Ravensthorpe is located 541 kilometres south east of Perth. The town's history dates back to the mid-1800s when it was a sheep grazing area. It was also known for its gold and copper smelting industry before becoming an agricultural centre.

The area has its own natural beauty, highlighted by the Ravensthorpe Range, rocky hills and rugged river valleys and inlets.

To continue the development of a vibrant regional community, purchasers are required to build their home within 36 months from settlement.

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