The Quadrangle

What is the zoning of the land?

The Quadrangle (formerly known as the Joondalup Southern Business District) is zoned "Central City Area" under the Metropolitan Region Scheme. Zoning under the City of Joondalup District Planning Scheme No. 2 is "Centre".

What are the permitted land uses?

The City of Joondalup is currently considering its new Draft City Centre Structure Plan, which includes The Quadrangle site. This will supersede the existing approved structure plan which currently exists for The Quadrangle.

Subject to the assessment outcomes, the new draft structure plan may change the land use or development conditions permitted at The Quadrangle.

Under the current structure plan (adopted Southern Business District Structure Plan 2005), The Quadrangle is planned to include a range of land uses including commercial, technology, education, training, offices, retail and other support services in the following precincts:

  • Technology Park/Commercial Business, Office/Showroom precinct (including Research Facility) - defined as an establishment used predominantly for the purposes of scientific, technical, economic, social or environmental research and development.
  • Commercial Business Office/Showroom precinct - retail and commercial businesses which require large open areas. Trade and professional services, wholesaling, warehouses, showrooms, large scale commercial business and large scale category/theme based retail outlets.
  • Service Industry/Showroom precinct - multiple purposes including Showroom, Service and Light Industry activities and complementary business services which by their nature would not detrimentally affect the amenity of the surrounding areas.
  • Service Industry precinct - a wide range of business, light industry, private recreational developments and complementary business services which by their nature would not detrimentally affect the amenity of the surrounding areas.

Details on the land use are explained in The Quadrangle Structure Plan found within the links below:

The Quadrangle Structure Plan (formerly known as Southern Business District)

The Quadrangle site plan (includes Structure Plan and likely staging plan)

Please note, the City of Joondalup are proposing a new Joondalup City Centre Structure Plan which incorporates land at The Quadrangle. For more information on the proposed structure plan, please visit the City of Joondalup website.

Will The Quadrangle be serviced by public transport?

The surrounding area is well serviced by buses with existing stops along Joondalup Drive.

The Quadrangle is close to two stations, Joondalup Interchange (a walkable 800m north of Hodges Drive) and Edgewater Station (1,400m south of Eddystone Avenue).