East Perth Power Station - Planning

A vibrant water front destination with heritage charm

Reigniting the spark

The East Perth Power Station site was derelict and practically abandoned for decades. As the site springs to life again during our revitalisation project, the new space will celebrate the area's rich history and stunning location on Perth's waterfront.

It’s our vision to transform the East Perth Power Station site into a vibrant waterfront community where people will live, work and play.

Our project area for East Perth Power Station covers 8.5 hectares, which includes the heritage listed power station building and an abundance of natural space along the river’s edge.

New development will be easy to access, situated close to Perth’s major road and rail networks, with new links created through paths, cycle ways and a potential ferry stop. We aim to maintain and revitalise the foreshore to create an exciting new space, while carefully protecting the area’s flora and fauna.

Generating history

The East Perth Power Station generated power from 1916 until 1981. It is one of only a handful of large-scale utilities still standing from the time of World War I, so the building and equipment are on the WA heritage register. The area is also listed on the Department of Aboriginal Affairs’ Aboriginal Sites Register, classified as a historical camp and meeting place.

When the power station opened in 1916, it cost £538,000. By 1929, it was worth an estimated £1m.

Yesterday’s technology, tomorrow’s destination

The power station closed on 23 December 1981 when the outdated technology had been replaced by cheaper and more advanced power generation methods.

Since that time:

  • The former EPRA acquired the site in 2003 and began working to stabilise and clean-up the area before establishing future plans.
  • A draft master plan was released in 2004.
  • The area was stabilised in 2005 and 2006 with asbestos roofing removed; some demolition works; repairs to walls, windows and steel structures; and painting of the exterior.

The final use of the East Perth Power Station building is still being investigated as we continue to create a framework for the redevelopment.

Perth life from a new angle

The East Perth Power Station is in a prime location, directly on the waterfront and just minutes from the city. New development will be designed to create new connections between the area, the city and the river. Visitors and locals will be able to enjoy the waterfront environment with cafes, kiosks and natural open spaces.

East Perth Power Station and Windan Bridge at night

Protecting the environment

We are helping to protect the area’s ecology with remediation, as well as water management and energy efficient building design into the future. To date, we have completed some site remediation, a major clean-up and ongoing maintenance and management.