Elizabeth Quay

The river. The city. Together again.

Elizabeth Quay’s waterfront location makes this destination a unique events and entertainment space – operating all year round.

Event spaces

Available Elizabeth Quay Areas

Interested in booking an event space?

If you are an event organiser looking to book an event space at Elizabeth Quay your first step is to contact our team.

We will discuss your idea, its suitability for the space, dates and availability plus any other requirements. A meeting and site visit may also be required.

We’ll request you lodge an application using our online form if your idea is considered suitable.

The Event Application Guide provides detailed information about the type of events suitable at Elizabeth Quay, the full application process plus approvals, conditions and fees.

Things you should know:

  • Applications for minor events with less than 500 people and nil infrastructure are to be submitted six weeks prior to the event.
  • Applications for other events are to be submitted six months prior to the event.
  • The application fee is payable on submission of your application.
  • Completion of the application form does not automatically imply approval.
  • Only completed sections in the application will be considered, those left blank indicate you don’t require those items.
  • You are required to read and understand the sections regarding Event Conditions, Approvals,

Licenses and Services before signing the application.

It’s essential that you have discussed your idea with our team before submitting an application.

Other approvals

A number of approvals may be required from City of Perth depending on the details of your event and additional fees may apply. We will discuss these with you when you first contact our team.

Health compliance

The City of Perth Environmental Health Unit is responsible for all matters relating to approvals for noise, capacity, safety, structures, food, water and toilets. You will be required to liaise with their Environmental Health Officer (08 9461 3856) in order to obtain the relevant approvals. Fees may apply.

Roads and footpaths

If you have an event that requires the use of the surrounding and/or internal roads or footpaths you will also need to liaise with the City of Perth (Approvals Unit 08 9461 3419). Fees may apply.

Contact our team

Phone (08) 9320 0000
After hours 0401 105 897
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Food trucks
Food trucks organised as part of an event booking are welcome. To get a Food Truck Licence you must have a current City of Perth permit and meet their health requirements.

Forms and information

Event Application Guide

Site and Infrastructure Map

Ready to submit your event application?

You've chatted with our team about your event, read through our guide, and have everything ready to lodge your event application. Visit our online form to lodge your event details and pay the application fee.