METRONET East - Bayswater

The Bayswater Project Area forms part of METRONET East, which encompasses precincts around the new Bayswater, High Wycombe and Midland stations.

Incorporating the area surrounding the new Bayswater Station and parts of the town centre, the Bayswater Project Area was formally established in March 2020 in consultation with the City of Bayswater.

Bringing this area under the METRONET East banner will ensure the station upgrades and future development of the surrounding areas are successfully integrated. It will also help attract private investment to support the revitalisation of the town centre into a vibrant, connected and modern community where people want to live, work and visit.

Our Role

DevelopmentWA is responsible for developing and administering a new planning framework over the Bayswater Project Area – including a Redevelopment Scheme, Design Guidelines and Planning Policies. This new planning framework will build on the planning work done to date to unlock the potential of the Bayswater and attract investment in new housing, jobs and services.

In May 2021, the METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme was adopted, formally transferring planning authority for the Bayswater Project Area to DevelopmentWA from the City of Bayswater. This means Development Applications for properties inside this area are to be lodged with DevelopmentWA.

The City of Bayswater’s Bayswater Structure Plan will be adopted under the provisions of the Redevelopment Scheme and will be administered by DevelopmentWA. Where an R-ACO density code has been applied to the ‘Core Precinct’, detailed planning through Design Guidelines is required to establish site specific development controls. DevelopmentWA is currently preparing to release the draft Bayswater Design Guidelines for public consultation.

For more information on DevelopmentWA’s planning powers, including how to submit a Development Application and to view the planning documents, visit our Planning and Approvals page.


METRONET East - Bayswater