Yagan Square

A place to connect and celebrate WA

Where is Yagan Square?

You’ll find Yagan Square within the arms of the heritage-listed Horseshoe Bridge, next to the central Perth Train Station and underground Perth Busport. Wellington Street sits to the south and Roe Street to the north.

Yagan Square is part of our Perth City Link project which is within our Central Perth Redevelopment Area.

How do I get to Yagan Square?

Public Transport
The easiest way to get to Yagan Square is by catching public transport.

  • The Perth Train Station and Busport are located next to Yagan Square
  • Perth Underground Station is just across the road
  • The free Blue CAT bus stops on the Horseshoe Bridge and the Red and Yellow CAT buses stop on Wellington Street.

Visit the Transperth website for routes and timetables.

You can get to Yagan Square through Perth’s shared cycle and walking path network if you’d like to walk or ride from other parts of the city.

Public transport is the easiest way, but you can also get to Yagan Square by car with some on street parking and car parks available in the surrounding suburbs.

You can access taxi drop off and pick up at 140William Street or on Wellington Street in front of the Perth Train Station.

What are the opening hours?

You can visit Yagan Square 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Market Hall is open from 11am to 8pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 11am to 10pm Thursday to Saturday. Horseshoe Lane is open from 10am until 10pm. Some cafes will open earlier, serving coffee and quick bites from their windows facing out to the plaza.

Visit our list of Yagan Square attractions for more information on specific opening times for the individual cafes, bars and restaurants.

What public transport options are available?

It’s easy to catch public transport to Yagan Square. You can:

  • Catch a train to Perth Train Station or Perth Underground Station
  • Catch a bus to the Perth Busport or surrounding area
  • Catch the free Blue CAT bus if you’re already in the city. It stops on the Horseshoe Bridge daily. The Yellow CAT and Red CAT buses also stop close by on Wellington Street.

You can find more details on our Blue CAT bus page or visit the Transperth website for train and bus routes and timetables.

Is there parking at Yagan Square?

There are a number of parking facilities located just a short distance away. The closest car parks to Yagan Square are:

City of Perth Citiplace car park (at Perth Train Station)
City of Perth Cultural Centre car park (2 Roe Street)
Wilson Parking (18 Roe Street)
Wilson Parking Raine Square (553 Wellington Street)
Wilson Parking Queens Complex car park Corner Wellington/Queen Streets
Paid on street parking is available in the surrounding city and Northbridge areas for periods ranging up to two hours during the day, with some free parking in the evenings.

The easiest way to get to Yagan Square - especially during busy times and major events - is by catching public transport.

Visit City of Perth Parking (CPP) or Wilson Parking (WP) for locations, ACROD information, rates, opening hours and available bays.

Is Yagan Square accessible for people with disability?

Of course. Accessibility features at Yagan Square include:

  • Ramped pathways linking the upper and lower levels
  • Lifts available in the Market Hall and Horseshoe Lane buildings
  • Accessible wayfinding and signage to help people navigate the area
  • Handrails at stairs
  • Accessible toilet facilities, a Changing Places toilet for people with profound disability
  • ACROD parking bays nearby at City of Perth Citiplace carpark at Perth Train Station (5 bays), City of Perth Cultural Centre carpark 2 Roe St (5 bays), and Wilson Parking Queens Complex carpark Corner Wellington & Queen Streets

Where can I eat and drink?

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, an ice-cream for the kids or somewhere to meet friends for dinner and drinks, you’ll find a range of options at Yagan Square.

Take a look at our See & Do page for the full list of cafes, restaurant and bars with opening times and contact details.

You’ll also find a number of areas where you can bring your own food and refreshments to enjoy a picnic or a lunch break from the office.

Can I BYO alcohol to the square?

No, you can’t. The central seating area inside the Market Hall is licensed, so you can buy a glass of Western Australian wine or beer from Perth Gourmet Trader Deli to enjoy with food from any of the outlets inside the Market Hall. You can’t bring or consume alcoholic drinks purchased from outside the Market Hall.

The Shoe Bar, Shy John’s, Street Eats Eatery and Ficus are also licensed venues.

We have laws against public drinking in WA. This means you can only drink alcohol in licensed areas when you’re at Yagan Square.

What can I see and do at Yagan Square?

You’ll find a place to have fun, meet, play and celebrate all things Western Australian at Yagan Square. You can:

  • Eat, drink and shop from a variety of food and beverage offerings in the Market Hall and Horseshoe Lane
  • Discover and learn about Whadjuk history and culture
  • Interact with the public art pieces, including the Waterline piece which runs through the entire square
  • Explore the nature-inspired playspace on the upper level while taking in views over the square and the city
  • Watch the striking digital tower and canopies, a digital canvas to tell the stories of Perth and WA through light art, video, projections, screening, gaming and interactive content
  • Enjoy walking through the wildflower gardens or relax in one of the green spaces and enjoy the view of the city

What is there for children to do?

Kids visiting Yagan Square would love to:

  • Play in the nature inspired Playscape on the upper level, or splash around in the nearby water play area
  • Snap a selfie near one of our artworks
  • Enjoy an ice-cream, burger or other snacks and meals from the Market Hall
  • Wander through the wildflower gardens around the amphitheatre on the upper level

We also host regular events for families – check our list of things to See and Do at Yagan Square.

When is the water feature on?

The water feature at the upper level Playspace operates from 10am until 8pm every day except Wednesdays when it is closed for scheduled maintenance.

These hours may change, especially during the colder weather, and we'll share news of any changes on our Facebook page.

What can I see on the big screen?

The big screen on the Digital Tower will play a wide range of entertaining and engaging content including artistic pieces, live-streamed events, information and eventually interactive and gaming content.

We like to think of the screen as being like a giant digital art gallery, showcasing works from local and international artists.

Where are the toilets?

You’ll find accessible public toilets located throughout Yagan Square.

Look for facilities in:

  • Market Hall on the ground floor (includes a Changing Places facility) open 7am - 10pm
  • Market Hall on the upper level next to the Playspace open 7am - 10pm
  • Horseshoe Lane building on the ground floor open 7am - 10pm
  • Nearby at the Citiplace Rest Centre at the Perth Train Station on the upper level walkway corner Wellington and Barrack streets (admittance fee 50c) open Sunday to Thursday 7am - 11pm, and open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday


Where is the Changing Places facility?

A Changing Places toilet and changing facility is located on the ground floor of the Market Hall building to help people with profound disability enjoy the square with friends, family and carers.

Facilities include a toilet, adult-size change table, hoist and space for assistants.

You can find out more from the Disability Services Commission.

Where is the ATM?

You can find at ATM on the ground level of the Market Hall. All food and beverage outlets around Yagan Square have EFTPOS facilities.

Can I cycle through the square?

Yagan Square is a shared space with a large number of pedestrian and tourists visiting the area. Cycle slowly through the square (under 10km/h) to make the area safe and enjoyable for everyone, and consider dismounting if that's the safer option.

The King-Lake street connection is a better option if you’re in a hurry.

Can I take my dog to the square?

Friendly dogs are welcome in the public open spaces at Yagan Square. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times and pick up anything they leave behind.

Is there free WiFi?

There sure is. You can tap into the free WiFi throughout Yagan Square, just follow the prompts on your phone.

Will there be events at Yagan Square?

Absolutely. Yagan Square will come alive with a calendar of exciting events throughout the year, from large community celebrations to fun festivals and activities.

At Yagan Square, you’ll find a number of small, flexible and intimate spaces, as well as larger areas for major events.

If you’re interested in holding an event at Yagan Square please contact us via: 

Phone (08) 9320 0000
After hours 0481 908 725
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I film/photograph for commercial reasons at your venues?

You'll need to complete and submit an event application form if you would like to use the public spaces at Yagan Square for commercial filming purposes.

Please contact us via:

Phone (08) 9320 0000
After hours 0481 908 725
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who runs Yagan Square?

We are responsible for event, facilities and property management at Yagan Square. We handle event scheduling and licensing, security, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, rubbish collection and utilities.

We do our best to have as much information as possible about events and traders on our website, but if you need more details about an event or trader, you should contact them directly. We include their contact details with listings in our See & Do section.

How do I book an event at the square?

You might be interested in hiring one of seven special public spaces in Yagan Square for a large or small scale event.

We can’t take bookings for wedding ceremonies or receptions in the public areas but you’re welcome to visit Yagan Square for your wedding photos. There might be events and other activities happening on the day, so please keep this in mind.

Find out more about how to organise an event at Yagan Square.

Can I use the vacant lots next to Yagan Square for events?

Yes. We’re looking for innovative and creative ways to activate Lots 9 and 10, next to Yagan Square.

These lots will eventually be developed, but in the meantime this space will be available for a range of pop-up tourism, entertainment, community, recreation or other activities.

Visit our Organise an Event page if you’d like to find out more.

How does Yagan Square incorporate Aboriginal culture?

Naming Yagan Square after Noongar warrior Yagan provided an opportunity to incorporate the culture and stories from the Whadjuk people, the traditional owners of the land.

Since early in the design phase, we have worked closely with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and the Whadjuk Working Party to make sure the design reflects and celebrates Whadjuk culture. You might notice this in a number of elements, including:

  • The ‘tracks’ and ‘meeting place’, which acknowledge how the area was once used as a food source and meeting place
  • A digital canopy, inspired by the lake system that was once at the site
  • The design of the digital tower, inspired by the bulrushes that once surrounded the lakes, with 14 columns representing the 14 Noongar language groups
  • The landscape design and native vegetation, which reflects what was once at the site