Yagan Square

A place to connect and celebrate WA

'Wirin' is the Noongar word for spirit and represents the eternal sacred force of creative power that connects all life of boodja (mother earth).

The sculpture expresses this cultural spirit knowledge in a tall, strong, suggestive yet unmistakeable Aboriginal figure with smooth contemporary lines. His spear on one side and mirra (spear thrower) connect his line to the earth, depicting the unity and connective continuity of spirit.

Wirin was created by Tjyllyungoo - Lance Chadd and sculpted in collaboration with the art services from Trish Robinson and Stuart Green (Big Spoon Art Service).

Words from the artist:
"His powerful presence will offer the public audience an interactive visual, visceral experience of these inseparable, inherent cultural values which represent the ancient Cultural law and reciprocal relationship of nature worshiping. These are the cultural values within cultural Law that our 38 year old Whadjuk Noongar warrior ‘Yagan’ and his father ‘Midgegooroo’ fought so fearlessly to protect during the Swan River Colony in 1833. Our traditional custodians accumulated cultural knowledge and responsibilities, passed down over thousands of years, on particular specific care for country that in turn, provides and cares for all life. This design signifies our people’s longevity in the spirit of our Culture." Tjyllyungoo - Lance Chadd