Broome North

What is proposed for Broome North?

DevelomentWA is delivering a quality residential development in Broome that will effectively double the size of the existing township. When complete, the new development will feature two local centres that will service an anticipated 4,800 homes.Community amenities, including two potential primary schools and two high schools as well as high quality parks and open space, will be key features and with this in mind, walkways and cycle paths will link the various areas and facilities.Broome North will consist of a number of different estates, the first of these being Waranyjarri (pronounced Wah-run-jarri). Planning for the next two estates is underway.An area to the south west of the estate has been earmarked for a range of tourism opportunities, including a caravan park to be developed by the Shire.The development will also see an expansion of the current light industrial estate known as Blue Haze.

Who is involved in the development of Broome North?

DevelopmentWA, responsible for the State’s land and property development needs, is undertaking the Broome North Development in close consultation with the Shire of Broome and the Department of Planning.

We are also working with Traditional Owners to help ensure the development responds to the cultural heritage of the area.The Broome North development requires a whole-of-government approach and we are working with all areas of government and service providers to ensure well planned estates that can be progressed in a timely manner.We have brought together some of the State’s leading architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, and technical advisors to help shape the masterplanning of the development area.Community feedback also plays a huge role in the development and we have established a community reference group to further represent the community’s views.

Where is Broome North located?

The development is located approximately 5km to the north of the existing Broome townsite. It is bordered by Broome and Gubinge Roads, with Lullfitz Drive to the west.

Why are you developing Broome North?

Broome has been under significant land supply constraints for years. This has contributed to issues of affordability and a shortage of social housing.The Broome North development provides enough land to effectively double the size of the existing township, thereby helping to meet current and predicted future land supply needs. A range of lot sizes linked to a range of housing types, including townhouses and apartments, will also be considered with a view to providing more affordable housing options.Apart from bringing additional housing opportunities to the town, the development will also provide local employment during the construction phase as well as permanent employment opportunities further down the track as a range of retail businesses and services set up operations in the designated commercial centres and business in town is likely to grow to support the new residents.

How big is the proposed development?

In total Broome North will be approximately 694ha in size, consisting of six or seven different estates and approximately 4,800 lots and will be home to about 13,000 people.

What is the timescale for the development?

Construction of the first estate, Waranyjarri Estate, is complete with lots available for sale now.

Depending on market conditions, full build out of the entire development is expected to take more than 20 years.

What is the current status for planning approvals and compliance? 

The District Development Plan and the first Local Development Plan were approved at a Special Council Meeting on 22 February 2010.  The second Local Development Plan has been approved by the Shire. Planning is also underway on the third local development plan.

Are there design guidelines?

Design Guidelines have been prepared in order to ensure the integrity of the area is maintained and houses are climatically responsive. Basic concepts that will be addressed in the design guidelines include:
• Size of building envelope
• Setbacks
• Angle of roof pitches and roof color
• Eave overhang
• Fencing type and height
• Size and depth of outdoor area
• Breezepaths 

The design guidelines document relevant to your stage can be downloaded from the Purchaser Information page.

Are there rebates on the Broome North lots?

Yes. Purchasers may be eligible for the $10,000 first homebuyer's grant and all buyers can apply for DevelopmentWA's front landscaping package rebate, $10,000 builder referral rebate and $5,000 white goods rebate. Any current promotional rebates may also apply.

What is happening in the adjacent Blue Haze Light Industrial area?

Plans for the expansion of the Blue Haze light industrial area include development of a further 70 lots in 6 stages, with 3 stages already constructed and released. More information is available on our Blue Haze web page.