Green Head

Need some help in choosing your builder and home design?

We have compiled a list of builders operating in the Green Head area - please call our information line 1300 730 435, speak with the sales agent, Ian Kelly - Professionals Jurien Bayview Realty (08) 9652 2055.

Alternatively, below are some of the builders who offer a range of designs which can be built in our coastal estates.

TR Homes - Steve Mason: 0418 294 708 - website

AMS - Mick Cloney: 0427 229 894 - website

WA Country Builders - Phil Raven: 0417 913 402 - website

WBS Modular - Shayne Lucy: 0409 480 463 - website

Summit NW - Peter Chellew: 0400 228 886 - website


Home Designs

Below are some of the range of designs offered, along with indicative pricing to build.  View flyers for further information.

TR Homes
T: (08) 9493 2998
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Grove, Price: $205,131


The Killara, Price $221,786


The Pilbara, Price $296,995


To continue the development of a vibrant regional community, purchasers are required to build their home within 36 months from settlement.