Blackmore Park Estate

Central parkland

Work on the landscaped parkland at Blackmore Park Estate is now complete. 

Featuring hopscotch squares, open spaces to ride bicycles and scooters, hollowed out tree trunks known as 'hobbit homes', and plenty of seating under the trees, this space is ideal for residents of all ages. 

And with great amenities nearby including Blackmore Park Reserve, Kingsway Sporting Complex, local schools and major retail hubs, you'll be surrounded by everything you need. 

Miya Kaadadjiny Garden

Check out our work with students at Clontarf Academy and Girrawheen SHS to create a community garden in Girrawheen.

Named Miya Kaadadjiny, meaning ‘learning sanctuary’, this garden has been created by the students and community members using materials donated from Blackmore Park Estate.