Cockburn Coast

Transformation into a thriving residential and commercial community

Stretching from South Beach to Port Coogee, the Cockburn Coast Redevelopment Area will ultimately become home to some 12,000 people in 6,000 homes over 10 to 20 years, as the project develops.

The redevelopment will rejuvenate 98 hectares of under-used area and will be split into three precincts each with their own unique design and offering.

Shoreline (Robb Jetty Precinct)

Shoreline is the first precinct of the Cockburn Coast development to be launched, in July 2015. The precinct covers 45ha and will incorporate up to 2,500 new homes, a main street linked to a beach piazza, public square, landscaped parklands, playing fields and a primary school.

Hilltop Precinct

The Hilltop precinct will be primarily residential with public open space and is located on the eastern boundary of the development with exceptional ocean views.

Local Structure Planning for the Shoreline and Hilltop precincts has been completed following landowner and stakeholder engagement. The two Local Structure Plans were advertised for public comment by the City of Cockburn. 

Power Station Precinct

The Power Station precinct incorporates the heritage listed South Fremantle Power Station and will become the centrepiece of the project, with the historic building transformed into a lively destination which could feature apartments, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and galleries.  

The Power Station Masterplan was released for public comment in July 2014. Any queries regarding the former South Fremantle Power Station or its proposed sale, should be directed to Synergy via writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to Mario Macri on 0409 624 353.

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