Emu Point

Federal Environmental Assessment Update

The Emu Point Preliminary Documentation and Response to public submissions is available for review. 

Federal environmental approval for the clearing of remnant vegetation on the site has been assessed by the Department of Sustainability, Environment Water Population and Communities (SEWPaC).

Outline Development Plan Update

The Outline Development Plan (ODP) sets a new standard in environmentally sensitive residential development for coastal areas in WA. Plans for apartments and single residential houses on the 34ha site aim to have minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment with large areas of natural bushland being retained to provide an important system of linked nature reserves and wildlife corridors.

The Outline Development Plan follows extensive consultation with the local community and residents, whose feedback on the initial concept plan released in late 2010 has helped to shape the proposed development.

The range of environmental studies and community consultation undertaken is outlined below.

Community information and feedback

Environmental studies community feedback - Jan 2008

Emu Point Information Brochure - October 2007

Environmental studies summary report - October 2007

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Environmental reports

Emu Point Public Environmental Review document - May 2010

Emu Point coastal setback report - Nov 2007

Emu Point environmental scoping report - Nov 2007

Emu Point coastal setback report - Feb 2007

Emu Point fauna habitat within surrounding areas (map)

Emu Point fauna habitat within survey area (map)

Emu Point Geotechnical report

Emu Point Scoping document (map)

Emu Point Vegetation Survey

Emu Point Western Ringtail Possum Survey

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