About Denham

Denham is a coastal hamlet located at the centre of the Shark Bay World Heritage area, 823km north of Perth. The town is well known for tourist attractions including Monkey Mia, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool stromatolites, Steep Point, Cape Inscription and Dirk Hartog Island.

***For a limited time, Build/Buy development conditions will not apply to purchases made prior to June 30, 2017.***

Development Update

denham aerial imageThe development will complement the existing town, respect the World Heritage listing of the Shark Bay region and demonstrate sustainable design features.

The Outline Development Plan for Phase 1 of the estate has been approved by the Shire of Shark Bay and could provide for up to 126 lots covering 16ha of land. The first stage of Phase 1 is now complete and lots are currently available for purchase. Future stages will be developed subject to demand.

To provide lifestyle options, a range of lot sizes varying from 660sqm to 918sqm are available. The layout of lots take advantage of the natural geography and are oriented to maximise solar access and capture water and inland views, while ensuring the view from Little Lagoon and the scenic tourist route are protected by natural land features

Future Growth

denham jettyThe Master Plan caters for Denham’s growth over the next 20 years. The plan consists of three development phases, which when complete, will create approximately 1,300 lots over 130ha. 

The overall structure plan is available here.