Perry Lakes

High standards achieved at iconic development

The redevelopment of Perth's iconic Perry Lakes stadium has seen us set a new benchmark for environmentally sustainable urban renewal projects in WA. Our Innovation through Demonstration approach to this redevelopment has taken into account the site's historic past, prestigious surroundings and central urban location to create a desirable community that has been built to the highest of sustainability standards.


The highest levels of recycling were achieved in this development with materials either reused on site, including in landscaping, artwork, retaining walls and road surfaces, or recycled appropriately.

In Stage 2 of the redevelopment all recyclable demolition material was either reused onsite in landscaping or diverted from landfill through recycling efforts. As a result, 100 per cent of the steel, metal, timber, concrete, topsoil, road material, asphalt, plastic, bricks and green waste was recycled.

In Stage 3, all non-contaminated material was either reused onsite in landscaping or diverted from landfill through recycling efforts. These included:

  • 100 per cent of the scrap steel, aluminium and other metal
  • 100 per cent of clean recyclable concrete
  • 37.5 per cent of mixed rubbish
  • 100 per cent of bricks
  • 100 per cent of green waste

On site, 2,900 clay bricks were reused in retaining walls; 85 cubic metres of crushed brick was used as inorganic mulch; and 650sqm of wandoo timber seating was reused in the construction of a boardwalk.

Recycled material included 218m3 of metalliferous materials such as aluminium, copper and steel; 2,868sqm of road base; 50 Kopper logs; 268m3 of brick; 2,334m3 of concrete; and 140m3 of salvageable material, including window frames and concrete pavers.
Our work to reuse and recycle waste products has resulted in an estimated saving of about 78,000 tonnes of CO2 (based on WA electricity use) in the development of this project.


Our innovative approach to achieving high sustainability standards was seen in the cutting-edge use of recycled road base in the construction of the estate's new roads, a practice that was ahead of its time.

Environmental sustainability was addressed through water sensitive design initiatives that mandate grey water use. The estate's design guidelines require full compliance with the 5 Star Plus program that requires energy and water efficiencies in house design and construction.


Demonstrating our understanding of the importance of this development to the community, this exciting project reflects its past through the reuse of some prominent stadium elements. The stadium's timber seating was used to construct the estate's wetlands boardwalk and the art deco scoreboard is now an architectural feature.

Symbols of athletic achievement and inspiration are around every corner, from the street names and public art, to the exercise platforms and running track that meanders around this leafy parkland estate.

Environmental benefits

We have demonstrated our commitment to the natural environment in remedying areas of concern at the Perry Lakes site. We successfully incorporated a network of wetlands and native bush land surrounding the old track and field facilities in the new development, rehabilitating the erosion the area has experienced from years of previous use. Providing designated public access-way to the area allows for people to visit and appreciate the wetlands without causing damage.