Perry Lakes

The freedom to design a modern future

Started in the late 19th century and as popular today, the Modernist movement in architecture is characterised by clean lines, ample air and light and connecting occupants with the outdoors. Modernism challenged traditional views on architecture - emphasising that the form of a building should be integral to its beauty and its materials.

Many ideas and innovations from this period are still considered modern and relevant today. In planning domestic spaces, natural lighting and ventilation were features that are increasingly relevant in today's new housing. Outdoor spaces were integrated with interior living areas and open plan designs gave the sense of spacious living.It’s this spirit of Modernism that is captured in the design for Perry Lakes. Here among the gardens and native tree groves, you’ll find building form melding with function, and innovation courting style.

At Perry Lakes, the freedom to choose your lifestyle is reflected in your choice of modern home design.

  • Clean lines are a characteristic of Modernist Architecture
  • By opening homes to air and light, residents are connected to the outdoors
  • The modern style reflects its sporting heritage

Four unique settings characterise Perry Lakes, each with their own design requirements taking cues from the site's heritage and the Floreat community

  • Garden Belt:  Reflecting the qualities of traditional Floreat, the single residential homesites are nestled in a parkland setting with large front setbacks. They will feature sophisticated styling, integrating indoor living with the outdoor natural environment.
  • International Style: Style is at the heart of these exclusive and intimate townhouse style homesites. Designed with a purist approach to Modernism, this community-within-a-community emphasises innovation.
  • Track and Field: All around this character setting you'll notice a dedication to naturally lit and ventilated space. Predominately terrace and townhouse homesites with inner courtyards, inspiration from the location's unique setting around the original running track creates a sense of ceremony and arrival. Nine small apartment sites, each featuring three to fourteen dwellings, are also located here.
  • Apartment: Located adjacent to the Perry Lakes Reserve, this precinct will feature the bulk of dwellings in five apartment sites each ranging from three to five storeys. They will be designed to be reminiscent of the grand public structures of the Games, while keeping a low profile and seamlessly integrating with their surroundings.

To learn more about the characteristics of the four precincts, download the Design Guidelines


Perry Lakes