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Residential, light industrial and commercial land available

Across Port Hedland, we're continuing to deconstrain residential land for the future, catering to wide range of housing needs – from larger lifestyle lots to first home buyers wanting to secure their great Australian dream.

Similarly, a diversification in the local and North West commercial arena has required a range of light industrial and commercial land become available. We've realised the potenital of Port Hedland, and the near by South Hedland, to provide space for new and growing businesses to establish significant bases close to industry priority points.

Projects in and around centres of activity sees us working with state and local government and the private sector to optimise existing infrastructure and create a communitywith good access to local amenities and the conveniences of city living.

We’re aiming to create a legacy of sustainable communities for future generations by continuing to build the North West into a unqiue and diverse region that is like nowhere else.

Visit "Our Projects" to find out more about each of the developments we have in Port Hedland.

A dynamic town of 15,000 people, Port Hedland is the second largest town in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

The town's seaside location provides for a variety of aquatic leisure activities including superb fishing, whale watching, and nesting flatback turtles can even be seen in season. Millstream and Karijini National Parks are within easy driving distance, while Broome and the rest of the Kimberley are also within reach.

The original inhabitants, the Karriyarra people, call the place Marapikurrinya for the hand shaped formation of the tidal creeks coming off the natural harbour.

Developing liveability and diversity in the Pilbara is a high priority as we continue works with a wide range of stakeholders to establish quality accommodation, retail, recreational and commercial opportunities, as well as lifting amenity in line with other Australian cities

Visit "Our Projects" to find out more about each of the developments we have in Port Hedland.

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