What works are you undertaking?

DevelopmentWA is required to undertake remediation works and earthworks on Lots 9003 and 111 Bennett Avenue as part of its next stage of works. These works will prepare the land for the future establishment of a public open space reserve and creation of Surada Street extension.

The works also include the construction of an interim dual use path along Bennett Avenue to the south, starting at Surada Street and ending at McTaggart Cove. This will provide residents with a safe and improved connection to the beach to the south. A location plan is provided below.

shore line north coogee location plan

When will the works start and how long will the works take?

It is anticipated the works will commence in August 2021 and should take approximately 13 weeks to complete.

What remediation works are being undertaken and how will they be managed?

Soil contamination exists from the historical uses of the site including freight marshalling yards and other industrial land uses. DevelopmentWA has closely followed the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) guidelines for this redevelopment.

The remediation works will include the controlled removal of asbestos containing materials and capping of heavy metal soils. The specifically designed capping system will comprise a robust geotextile membrane to cover the impacted soils over which the surface will be raised a minimum of 1 metre above existing ground levels with imported clean fill. This design is in accordance with WA Department of Health (DoH) and DWER Guidelines and specifications for the safe containment of impacted soils. It will also incorporate a geotextile membrane at the base. This method of containment has been approved by DWER.

All remediation works will be carried out in accordance with an approved Site Remediation Validation Report, a Construction Environmental Management Plan and health and safety management plans. An independent DWER accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor is auditing the works completed and has approved the reports, plans and specific capping designs for this project to date.

Who will be undertaking the work?

The works will be completed by Densford Civil. If you have any concerns about the construction works please contact the Site Supervision or Project Manager at Densford.

Matt Wallace
Site Supervisor
Mobile: 0428 141 081
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daley Brown
Project Manager
Mobile: 0414 935 857
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will there be noise and how will it be managed?

Site activity or operation of machinery is not to commence prior to 7 a.m. or after 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday throughout the duration of the works.

Will there be dust and how will it be managed?

The contractor will implement an approved Dust Management Plan to prevent the emission of dust impacting adjacent properties.

Wind proof fencing, water carts and the application of dust suppressants are just some of the measures to manage and control dust generation during works.

The Contractor will be installing dust monitors around the perimeter of the works area to monitor and ensure dust emissions do not exceed the guidelines, in accordance with the approved Dust Management Plan.

Am I able to use the park during the works?

Yes, the three linear parks along Reinforcement Parade between Cockburn Road and Bennett Avenue will not be affected by the works. The public will still be able to use the parks and facilities.

Will I still be able to access the beach during these works?

Yes, all roads connecting the surrounding area to the foreshore will remain open. Bennett Road will remain open with traffic management in place. Alternative routes to the area are available if people choose to avoid the site works.

Will the site be completely safe following the remediation process?

DevelopmentWA has commissioned a DWER accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor to undertake an independent and critical review of the site investigations and remediation works. For works of this nature, an accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor is appointed to provide an independent critical technical review of all stages of the works, including the design of containment system, to ensure the work completed meets the relevant guidelines and the land is suitable for the proposed future uses of public open space and residential. The report produced by the accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor approving the works completed is further technically reviewed by the DWER and DoH to confirm that the land is suitable for the proposed end use. Following this final review and confirmation, the land is then officially re-classified by the DWER to align with the proposed end use.

Will the works affect traffic in the area? Will there be any road closures?

A section of Bennett Avenue will be used by the Contractor for access to the works area. The appointed contractor has prepared a detailed Traffic Management Plan to manage the works and to minimise inconvenience to commuters. The Traffic Management Plan will require a reduction in speeds in the area where works are taking place. Alternative routes to the area are available if you wish to avoid the site works.

Various heavy vehicle access points to the site are anticipated. Access points and adjacent roads are to be swept and maintained as required by the Contractor to ensure safe public road conditions are preserved.

Will my property be affected by the works?

The works are located at a significant distance to most businesses and residences and therefore it is anticipated the works will have minimal impact. Those businesses or residences that will be impacted by the works will be directly contacted by DevelopmentWA or Densford Civil.

What are normal working hours for site works?

Densford’s normal working hours are 7am to 5pm on Monday to Saturday throughout duration of the works.

In accordance with the approved Dust Management Plan, Densford are permitted to work from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

How will the site secured?

Perimeter fencing with shade cloth will be installed on all site boundaries. All equipment and materials will be secured within a site compound by the Contractor.

Do these works include the proposed public open space, pedestrian bridge and community facilities?

No. The earthworks are necessary to prepare the land for the delivery of the public open space, pedestrian bridge and community facilities, which will be constructed over multiple future stages.

How can we contact the contractor onsite?

Signage with relevant contact details will be erected on the site boundaries at commencement of work. In addition, all adjacent residents will be provided the relevant contact details for the contractor in writing prior to commencement of work.

What do I do if I have a complaint about the works?

Complaints are to be made directly to the appointed contractor in the first instance. The contact details will be available on a signage board onsite, within these FAQs and in a letter to residents.

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