St Johns Wood Mount Claremont

The final piece in the puzzle.

Welcome to St John's Wood, Mount Claremont. 

Located at the corner of Stephenson Avenue and Rochdale Road, the 6.5 hectare site is now a high quality residential development, providing a range of housing options to suit the needs of the local community. 

All residential lots have now sold in this high quality estate.

Situated in the heart of the western suburbs, this development features 49 residential lots and an area of public open space to integrate with the existing Daran Park. 

The southern portion of the development (approximately 40%) will be transferred to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) and retained as natural bushland.  We are working together with the BGPA to include walking trails through the bushland to ensure everyone can enjoy this natural environment.



St John's Wood

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