smart sun icon logoHorizon Power and DevelopmentWA have joined forces to deliver Smart Sun – a solar-powered microgrid package providing renewable energy to eligible homes in DevelopmentWA’s Waranyjarri Estate in Broome North.

The innovative Smart Sun pilot program will provide a heavily discounted renewable energy package to eligible homes and homesites within Stage 10 of Waranyjarri Estate. This pilot aims to empower participating households to significantly reduce their energy use, their reliance on the power grid and ultimately save money on their energy bills all through the uptake of renewable energy sources.

In doing so, this pilot will allow Horizon Power and DevelopmentWA to investigate and test an integrated energy solution and work towards solving key grid and land development  challenges for projects of the future.

Why is Smart Sun Required?

How Does The Package Work?

Solar panels installed on the roof will help to power the household, with a battery storing any excess power for times when the solar panels can’t produce enough electricity.

Home owners can monitor their individual consumption habits through the energy  management system app to help maximise solar-generated electricity usage and minimise the amount of purchased electricity from the grid.

Residents taking part in the study will purchase a Smart Sun package for a heavily-discounted fixed price of $5,000, which includes installation. Homes built in Waranyjarri Estate with a Smart Sun package could expect to save approximately $2,500* per year, compared to a ‘standard’ home in other parts of Broome.

For the purposes of the trial, packages will only be available to six eligible established homes and six eligible future homes.

After an initial technical assessment, participation in the Smart Sun pilot will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Looking for more information? Download the Smart Sun lot plan and sales flyerFAQs Documentvisit the FAQ page or contact Horizon Power on (08) 9192 9900.

If you are interested in taking part in the pilot we recommend you email Horizon Power at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you have any further questions call (08) 9192 9900.

Terms and Conditions

* $2,500 per year saving estimation is based on Horizon Power power consumption research. Actual savings depend on your unique usage profile.

The package installation cost is determined by home design, the current or potential appliances included in the package and professional installation costs.

Standard inclusions for the package are;

  • Solar PV panels
  • Solar PV inverter
  • Sonnen Battery
  • Energy Management System

The requirement for a hot water heat pump and/or smart pool pump will be reviewed by Horizon Power based on your unique requirements.

1 - The calculation of energy savings for Waranyjarri Estate, Broome North homes is based on a Horizon Power sample of 30 single residential homes in ‘old’ Broome and 25 single residential homes in Waranyjarri Estate, Broome North. Actual savings depend on usage profile.


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