WGV at White Gum Valley is Western Australia's first residential project to achieve national recognition and the second project in Australia and 11th in the World to achieve International Endorsement as a One Planet Community through One Planet Living.

One Planet Living is an international sustainability initiative based on the idea that we all need to live within the limits of one planet's natural resources. If everyone continues to live like the average Australian, we would need more than four planets to support the current world population.

One Planet Living provides a framework, built around 10 principles, which guide sustainable development. At WGV, these 10 principles are being translated into a real world, highly innovative, urban development.

As WA's first recognised sustainable community built on the key principles of One Planet Living, WGV at White Gum Valley joins a network of exemplary projects in locations across the world.

The goal of One Planet Living is to create neighbourhoods where it is easy, attractive and affordable for people to lead happy and healthy lives using a fair share of the earth's resources.

Importantly, the City of Fremantle is one of the first One Planet Council's in Australia, so WGV's own One Planet Assessment Report links with the City's One Planet Strategy and provides a solid framework for community members to implement sustainable living in their own homes.

In return for embracing a sustainable lifestyle and committing to the vision of One Planet Living, residents in the single lot homes at WGV will be rewarded with reduced cost of living, saving up to $1,200 per year in utility bills compared to a typical Perth home.

We have developed specific initiatives to support each of the One Planet Living principles, and in doing so ensure the WGV community will be built sustainably from the ground up. 


One Planet Living