Our View

We believe our role in creating social, economic and environmental value, and addressing challenges and opportunities is important. 'Sustainable development' is defined through five sustainability elements:

  • environmental integrity,
  • social inclusion,
  • design excellence,
  • economic wellbeing, and
  • governance

These elements frame our thinking, planning, designing and reporting to manage the impacts of land and infrastructure development and make the most of opportunities. By thinking about sustainability through the lens of each of these elements, we improve our ability to respond to and address them in a positive way.

We take a long term approach to improving and maintaining the quality of life enjoyed by Western Australians. Find out more about how we integrate sustainability and innovation into our approach here.


We believe in leading by doing. Our Innovation through Demonstration projects champion sustainable land and infrastructure development practices and cutting-edge technologies.

We are putting our commitment into practice across all areas of our business, including in our reporting processes.

Sustainability Reporting

Our Annual and Sustainability Report reflects our commitment to integrate sustainability within the business and is produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards) to ensure we assess our performance against globally accepted sustainability reporting principles and measures.

Reporting allows us to share the results of our performance with our government, industry, and community stakeholders as well as our staff.

Importantly, it enables continuous improvement throughout our organisation as we continue to support land and infrastructure for economic and community growth across WA. Through monitoring and measurement we will enhance the understanding of our performance and our ability to manage change.

Sustainability Reports

Aboriginal Engagement