What We Do

Across Western Australia we develop land for living and land for working to create places to build our social and economic prosperity. Our work helps to support sustainable communities, prosperous industry and resilient regions.

 In planning for the future of our suburbs, cities and regions, we employ a new way of thinking about the way we live and work. By championing sustainable land and infrastructure development practices and cutting-edge technologies we can help to improve the quality of life for all Western Australians into the future.

Our leading by doing approach to development takes on the potential risks of new innovative technologies so industry can confidently implement new sustainability practices while residents benefit from more sustainable and affordable places to live.

Innovation through Demonstration projects such as the Gen Y Demonstration Housing, the Cool Earth Demonstration, East Village at Knutsford and the Pilbara Vernacular, champion sustainable land and infrastructure development practices and cutting-edge technologies.

Our commitment to delivering genuine sustainability outcomes is reflected in our adoption of the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting guidelines. These guidelines provide a framework that enhances accountability and performance. It also increases transparency in our organisation for government, industry, community, stakeholders and staff.

Importantly, it will enable continuous improvement throughout our organisation as we support land and infrastructure growth across WA. Through monitoring and measurement, we will continue to interrogate our performance and ability to manage, change and improve.

We are committed to optimising returns to government by providing assistance and support to the Department of Lands in the sale of surplus government assets. This in turn helps to support many government funded initiatives and services.

Working with us

Collaboration is key to our success. We partner with all levels of government, stakeholders, tertiary institutions and the private development industry to create vibrant and sustainable residential communities and industrial and commercial spaces in key locations across Western Australia.

Work with our project partners supplements the supply of land and accommodates the diverse housing needs required by our State's growing and changing population. By working closely with other agencies, planning authorities and local governments we can ensure our developments meet the needs of local communities through residential and industrial projects from Kununurra in the North to Esperance in the South, inland to Kalgoorlie and across Perth's metropolitan area.

Active engagement with local residents, businesses and land owners helps us to better understand and respond to community expectations and aspirations. We are committed to extensive community consultation to ensure our projects meet the needs of future residents and the communities in which we work.

Some of our active partnership include:

  • Alkimos, where we have partnered with Lendlease to create a master-planned, coastal community with a major regional centre and coastal village;
  • The City of Fremantle and private development partners who are helping us to transform the Knutsford Precinct, a former industrial area, into a cutting-edge residential community;
  • Satterley who we have partnered with to create a community for the future – Allara, in Perth's growing northern coastal corridor.

With more than 150 projects on the go, we are busy building for a bigger and better tomorrow.