Mandurah Junction

Urban centre on track at Mandurah Junction

Here at Mandurah Junction we are ‘leading by doing’ with our Innovation through Demonstration development delivering choice and diversity in housing to address changing accommodation needs.

This exciting new residential estate, adjacent to the Mandurah train station and bus interchange, provides housing density and diversity to accommodate up to 2,000 residents in a vibrant urban community.

Maisonettes, apartments, townhouses, mixed-use sites and single lot homes are all being built in a quality landscaped estate that achieves high sustainability standards.

Activity centre

Mandurah Junction’s transformation into a bustling town centre is being achieved through density and diversity in housing options and through in-depth planning around commercial and retail space.

High-quality landscaped gardens, a number of new parks, recreation areas and open community spaces complete this urban community that even has its own community garden. In fact, we have allocated 16.5 per cent of the site as open space.

This important activity centre will feature 9,500sqm of space for shops, businesses and hospitality ventures as well as public transport connections that make this community an exciting place to live, work and play.

Sustainable living

The layout of Mandurah Junction takes into account the relationship between buildings, space and climate. Climate responsive technologies have been incorporated into design guidelines including the mandated positioning of buildings to maximise solar gain.

High sustainability standards have been set with targets achieved through using recycled and recyclable materials and timber from renewable plantations. The community will achieve a six-star energy efficient rating along with a requirement for water saving devices to be used.

In line with our commitment to Innovation through Demonstration, we are leading by doing, investing in landscape design which features water sensitive design principles, the use of rainwater tanks and low water-use ground cover for planting.

Quality Cosmopolitan Estate

We invest in projects which help change the way we live and Mandurah Junction will become one of Western Australia's finest transit linked urban villages.

Conveniently located next to the Mandurah train station and bus interchange, Mandurah Junction is an easy commute to the Perth CBD, the new Fiona Stanley Hospital and all that Perth has to offer.

2km from the beautiful Mandurah foreshore and pristine white sand beaches and 1.2km from the Centro Shopping Centre, this cosmopolitan estate has been specifically designed to offer connected community living at an affordable price.


This Innovation through Demonstration urban community has been designed to encourage outdoor activity and community interaction.

With 16.5 per cent of the development designated for public open space we are creating a new way of living that is responding to our city’s changing population.

With outdoor features including extensive landscaped open spaces, shade structures, public art, pedestrian and cycling paths and a community garden, we have created a higher density community that is still appealing to those people seeking outdoor amenity.

Community Garden

Our objective is to realise the potential of land and infrastructure developments for all Western Australians to help build social as well as economic prosperity.

Working with Intework, the independent, not-for-profit community association committed to developing and providing opportunities for people with disabilities, we have delivered a community garden in the green heart of the estate. 

The community garden, which is freely available to both residents and the surrounding community, enables people of all ages and abilities to come together to explore a passion for gardening, with Intework ensuring the continued maintenance of this much loved facility.

Planted with seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs, the garden also offers the community the rewards of watching their produce grow and ripen before harvesting for family meals!

Maisonettes: Innovation for Affordable Living

Stage 1 of Mandurah Junction afforded the opportunity to work with builders to encourage development of new product and bring greater diversity of affordable living options to the WA market.  

We were particularly interested in introducing a modern take on a housing design from yesteryear, the maisonette.  The maisonette - a derivative of the French word ‘maison’ - in modern terms can be likened to a self-contained apartment within a multi-storey building which from the street, has an appearance similar to that of any two storey+ first rate home.

BGC Impressions took up the challenge, which required a significant re-think about the design of what was an outdated dwelling from the 1950s.  The results, however, were outstanding with the maisonettes blending seamlessly with the neighbouring single residential homes.

With a highly affordable price point starting at $258,000 the 12 Mandurah Junction maisonettes sold within just one month of release. As a result of the proven popularity, BGC commenced roll out of the maisonette product throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

For us at DevelopmentWA, we are extremely proud to be playing a leading role in encouraging the market to push the boundaries to bring more affordable living options to West Australians.