We encourage ecologically sustainable design, work to protect and manage natural systems, habitat and biodiversity, respond to climate change, and efficiently and innovatively manage energy, water, resources and materials.

Energy transition

Identifying strategies to reduce energy use from fossil fuels and increase the uptake of renewable energy as an important carbon emissions mitigation strategy.

Waterwise development

Managing the total water cycle, holistically considering all aspects of water including water as a shared resource, management of water discharge related impacts, water withdrawal and water consumption. This involves consideration of the use of groundwater for construction purposes, stormwater and drainage management, water sensitive urban design, groundwater for landscape irrigation and techniques to improve potable water use efficiency and reduce demand in built form and encourage alternative sources e.g. stormwater harvesting, greywater and wastewater recycling.

Environmental asset protection and enhancement

Seeking to minimise negative impacts on the natural environment, being transparent about the impacts we do have and managing and improving outcomes by undertaking remediation of any contamination and seeking to protect and enhance biodiversity and tree canopy wherever possible.

Waste avoidance and resource recovery

Managing demolition and construction impacts to minimise waste to landfill with subsequent environmental and financial (landfill levy) impacts. This involves encouraging or requiring contractors and consultants to use resources efficiently and reduce, reuse and recycle materials during demolition and construction. In some instances we seek to influence the behaviour of residential and business customers to improve operational waste management practices.

Climate change resilience

Implementation of mitigation strategies to reduce the release of emissions and adaptation strategies to strengthen the resilience of the built environment to respond to future climate change impacts.