GreenView at Karlkurla

In the historic Goldfields City of Kalgoorlie, GreenView is setting new standards in housing diversity, design and water efficiency to ensure the sustainable development of this new community.

Water management initiatives require homes to be designed and built to minimise water use. This is being achieved through the installation of showerheads, taps and toilet cisterns that adhere to minimum Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme ratings.

The use of rainwater tanks for flushing toilets, clothes washing, showering and bathing is recommended and residents are also encouraged to consider using grey water recycling systems on garden areas.

Taking the local climate into account, building design guidelines require homes in GreenView to have adequate cross ventilation and roof ventilation. Winter solar access is maximised through living area orientation with unprotected east or west facing glazing to be minimised.

Sustainably designed with local character and environmental conditions in mind, stormwater from the estate is channeled into dams and returned to nearby parks and the adjacent Kalgoorlie Golf Course.

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