Meridian Park

Meridian Park has been planned and designed with input from the business community, key stakeholders and potential purchasers of land within the park.

Future design of the estate will be based on a similar consultation approach to ensure the estate meets the needs of the market and is able to respond to changing market trends.

Sustainable design is a major feature of Meridian Park with the aim to make the most efficient use of land, water, energy and resources.

We have developed comprehensive Design Guidelines which will positively influence water, energy and resource efficiency, maintain and enhance the environment and promote quality urban spaces.

The Design Guidelines were approved by the City of Wanneroo and WA Planning Commission in August 2008.

Important conservation measures include:

  • Installation of Waterwise appliances
  • Waterwise landscaping using drought tolerant plants
  • Energy efficient building design

We are also developing plans to optimise the use of alternative energy sources such as solar and green power.

Download Design Guidelines (13MB) 

Economic Development Strategy

Meridian Park is located within the Neerabup Industrial Area - planned to be the most significant new industrial estate in Perth's North West Metropolitan Corridor and expected to generate up to 20,000 new employment opportunities.

Planning for the estate has been based on sustainability principles and has included the development of a comprehensive Economic Development and Employment Generation Strategy.

In conjunction with the City of Wanneroo, DevelopmentWA is embarking on this new strategy for the estate, seeking to target economic development within Meridian Park, as well as generating employment and economic opportunities for the surrounding area.

The Meridian Park Economic Development and Employment Generation Strategy aims to:

  • Attract businesses that will provide employment self-sufficiency for the region
  • Support and encourage the growth of businesses established in Meridian Park
  • Generate job diversity and choice in the North West Corridor
  • Attract smart businesses and 'knowledge workers' to the region
  • Attract investment and business uses that will present the best land-use opportunities for the region

The strategy's primary function is to generate strong business development and employment outcomes at Meridian Park. It will also address wider regional issues such as jobs growth and employment self-sufficiency.

A number of initiatives are being developed from the strategy to help ensure appropriate and timely business development and high levels of employment generation and density.

Delivery of social amenity, broadband and security services at Meridian Park will assist in achieving these outcomes